E.L.F. Cosmetics Purchase #2 & Review

EN: This was the second time I bought from E.L.F. Cosmetics online, I bought the products about a year and half ago but apparently I never blogged about them, so now not only I can show you the products I can also do a small review of each of them.


BlogRoll Clean-Up

New logo 2015_1
Now that I'm slowly coming back to Blogger I have been doing some cleaning. Once again I changed my banner, making it more minimalistic and I removed some stuff from my right sidebar.
I have been on Blogger for at least 8 years now (wow) and since then I followed probably more than 300 Blogs. How do I have time to read all of them? Well... I don't.
Before Blogger did the make-over there used to be an easy option that you could access your list of Blogs in order to unfollow them, specially for those Blogs that sometimes would remover the Google Friends Connect option. 
So I went on Google/Blogger Help Forum and searched for "Unfollow Blogs", from there I managed to find two links, one that I'm familiar with and it never works, it always says to comeback later and another one that I didn't know and it shows me a list of all Blogs that I currently follow.
Currently I'm following a bunch of Blogs, like for example:
- Blogs that actually say that no longer exist;
- Blogs in which the owner blocked or made the Blog private;
- Blogs in which the owner declares that they no longer will post anything there;
- Blogs in which the owner deleted all of their posts;
- Blogs that have been inactive for more than 1 year;
- Blogs that I've been either converter or bought or hacked and now became websites to download movies or weird marketing websites.


#SOS Hands

A few months ago I had some problems with my hands, my fingertips started cracking in a way that I never seen. It looked like I grabbed a knife and cut my fingertips, the cracks went so deep that if I touched lemons it would sting beyond believe. 
After I finished the creams that I already had lying around at home like, Nivea, Neutrogena, Garnier, I went on a hunt for a hand cream that could help me heal, something more intensive, so these are the ones that I tried.
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