Focus Group for Sleek MakeUP 2011

(WARNING this post is going to be looooooooooooooooooong :P)
Hello everyone and welcome to my new followers.
Today I will tell you about my participation on a Focus Group for a makeup brand called Sleek MakeUP!
I already knew Sleek MakeUP, I saw in some stores (I think in Superdrug) when I was studying in the UK, but I never tried or bought anything. I also saw many reviews on Youtube about the brand, many makeup gurus have it, and in overall they say good things about it.
So, I saw on Inês’ Blog an online form that we could fill in, in order to participate on the Focus Group, IIIIII NEVER thought that I would be chosen, and when I received an email from Inês saying that I was selected – among with other 14 girls for her group – I was static, I really was.
There was initially 2 focus groups, but they decided to do 3. I was on the second group, Saturday the 12th at 11AM, at the Hotel Plaza in Lisbon.
I arrived early, so I stayed a bit on the outside of the Hotel (lol), on my way there I spotted Inês, but I wasn’t 100% sure it was her, so I kept on walking. We met on the outside of the Hotel, Inês came with Ana Rita from “Let’s talk about Beauty” and Ana from “Ana naSuécia”, and then I also met Su from “Beleza q.b.”.

As the rest of the group arrived we settled on our tables, each with 5 girls and their “mentor”, and we started with a brief presentation from two Representative Ladies from Sleek Makeup.

- We did a fast Q&A on our table to get to know each other a little bit better.
- Filled in a Q&A form, related to makeup of course.
- We took the makeup items that we had in our bags and put them on the table, to know what we carry around.
- We did a foundation test, so we can find the perfect foundation for our skin. The Foundation Duo Base Kit is amazing, it comes with a cream foundation and the powder as well, as I put it on my face, I kid you not, it felt like nothing, it is so light and smooth, LOVE IT!
- Then we did some Pout Paint, and what is that you ask? Basically is some liquid lipstick, that we can mix and make our one colour… how cool is that?
- We had a quit meal break.
- And then did another Q&A regarding foundations.
- We finished with a presentation of the makeup items that will be sold in Portugal which I filmed , and you can see the video HERE on Youtube.

Hotel Plaza @ Lisbon



This is the makeup I had with me that day.


Testing the Duo Base Kit.

Playing with Pount Paints.

This is the colour I came up with. And you only need a little bit for your lips, this baby is gonna last for a long time.

Inês' Group: On the Top, Vera and Inês;
On the bottom, Susana, Sandra, Ana and Me
Me and the Ladies from Sleek MakeUP!

The main purpose of this Focus Group, was not only to present the brand to us, but was also to help select about 8 (or more) foundations that are going to be sold in Portugal. Sleek MakeUP products will be sold in Sephora – in selected stores – from February 2012.
In the end we had a surprise :D THE GOODY BAG! I WAS BLOWN AWAY! PPFFFFFFF @_@





Close up of the makeup_1 


The Pout Paint; From left to right colours: 163 Peek-a-bloo, 157 Pin Up, 155 Port, 160 Pinkini, 162 Milkshake


Cranberry lipstick_1
Matte Lipstick in colour 748 Cranberry

Blush in colour 749 Fenberry

Pencil Massberry_1
Eye (or lip if you want) Kohl Pencil in colour Mossberry 747

After the event, I ended up going for lunch with Inês, Ana Rita, and Su at MacDonald’s, I got to know them a little bit better, and they are such lovely girls, so friendly, it was pleasure to meet them.

I would like to give a special thanks to Inês for selecting me, and for her and Ana Rita and Su plus Sleek MakeUP organizing this Focus Group. It was a great experience. Hope to see you all someday again J.

For more information about Sleek MakeUP, feel free to visit their website http://www.sleekmakeup.com/en/index.aspx?
or the English and Portuguese Facebook pages.


These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U.. 


  1. Há alguma mais que se possa contar ? (:

  2. Great items you got!


  3. So nice =) Eu gostei imenso de te conhecer ! É sempre bom conhecer uma menina assim tão querida e cheia de conhecimento obrigado !

  4. Ahhh, que oportunidade magnífica que tiveste :)

  5. hello honey!!!!Thank you so much for your sweet comment!great post!!!
    lots of kisses!nandia!

  6. Que sortuda!! tb gostava de ter ido ;)

    xoxo F.

  7. Nice, U have the chance to try all these products, lucky u :)


  8. Amazing event! Wow..look those gifts!
    On my blog win a pair of LITA shoes by Jeffrey Campbell!


  9. The photos were all lovely including you girls. Don't forget to visit LIFO. It is a fun site for girls that has a virtual closet feature which allows you to upload your own personal closet and create outfits you can share with friends.

  10. that was a great opprtunity !

    come for a visit, and fi you like sign as follower...I'l do back

    ciao ave

  11. It was absolutely awsime. It was a great pleasure being in your group and meeting all the fun girls. hope to see you again sometime. Kisses


  12. Looks like a great event! Loveee the goody bag!

  13. Deve ter sido tão giro! Adorei as ofertas, foram muito bem escolhidas sem dúvida!

  14. I am sure you had a good time doing a makeup session.

  15. The goodie bag is awesme. I run a fashion portal. Do drop by
    Love from Colorific


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