Burgundy and Mustard

I never been a girl that follows colours trends, in my case I've been in Love for a long time with the colour Burgundy, since my Nu-Metal+Pseudo-Gothic phase, and the colour Mustard since last year’s Winter, when I saw a picture of a girl with a mustard scarf, it was love at first sight. I tried at that time to find something in the shades of mustard that I liked, but no success.
This year Burgundy and Mustard are all over the place, and they also go nicely with each other.  Here are some items that I like in those colours.

Mustard and burgundy


Musical Friday #22

 Hello everyone, how was your week? Mine was like this...
So I had to go back to my Optician and complain about my glasses, that the service was awful, the lens was not 100% correctly placed, the technician decided - God knows why - to cut off the length of two of the screws, when I put the glasses on my face they didn't stay right... argh. Anyways, now luckily I still have with me, my previous pair of glasses, so I'm using them while my other glasses are at the Optician in order to fixe them... let's pray that this time around they do it right. 
Another situation, is my internship in Prague for next year, right now there's a misunderstanding going on between my Faculty and the Company that I was suppose to go (which is the same that I went this year in Prague). So basically now I am waiting to see if I'm still going to Prague or not.... -_-
Aaaaaand oh yeah, I cut my hair >.< I much needed cut, since the lat time I cut it, was before I went to Mozambique last year.... in December, and after these 9 months in Prague, of relaxing my hair, dying my hair, blow drying plus passing the straightener... you can imagine the damage right? :/ I didn't trust the hairdressers in Prague plus they were very expensive... but more about my hair later on...

Have a nice weekend everybody, and enjoy the music, a lot of New Singles.

Britney Spears - Criminal – New Single – But gets involved with a criminal in this video. But seriously guys, that first boyfriend of hers, with the British accent… it was so crappy…


Angel - Thierry Mugler

Have you seen the new commercial for Thierry Mugler Eau de Toillete for Angel featuring Eva Mendes? Well apparently the person singing is Eva herself.. what do you think about her singing skills? 
Have you ever smelled this fragance? I've been reading that is not very appealing. I'm gonna try and smell it next time I see it.


Kristen Stewart on the cover of GQ U.K. - November Issue

After she WOWed us with her pictures on W magazine not too long ago, showing us her more feminine, grown up and sexy side, 21 years old Kristen is still on the chapter and you can see it on the November Issue of the British GQ magazine. 
Apparently during the GQ interview she says, "My boyfriend is English".... Okei Kristen, now who the fudge is it? lol


April's Resume #5 @ Prague

For those that are new to my Blog I will quickly explain. This year for 9 months I lived in Prague, Czech Republic, and I wanted to document my experience here, but I failed to do regularly so I’m trying to catch up!  Soooo let’s go!

In April I started training for another product at my work, in this case on Sales Unit, uuuffff what have I done >.<.
. On the 1st of April - April's Fools Day - I went to a house gathering for a while, that belong to a colleague from work. Small flat looots of people, and smoke in the air. And it also was the night that I had to take off a bracelet that Plami gave me. It's a tradition, you use it during the month of March, and then on the 1st of April you have to take it off and hang on a bush or tree. 
1st of April


Musical Friday #21

Hello everyone. How was your week? 
As for me, I went to visit my brother that came from Ireland for a couple of days in order to pick up his daughter and take her with him to Ireland. Then I went to optician to fix my glasses lens, and after like an hour and half, me walking around the shopping mall Vasco da Gama killing time "blindly" window shopping, I got my glasses back, they had to do some touch up, and then I had to rush to catch a bus (not before I went back to a certain store and buy something lol). Oooooonly when I arrived home I notice other problems with the galsses frames, the glasses don't stay straight on my face, like... you know that your body is not 100% equal from side to side, so imagine if one of your ears is placed a bit higher than the other one, so can imagine how your glasses are gonna look like on your face right, that is how is looking on my face, and it's kinda disturbing me 'cause the lens in a way is not placed right, so noooow I have to go again to the optician and ask them to fix this damn thing again arrrghhh... The only thing that bother me the most is the fact that the optician is placed in Lisbon... and I don't live in Lisbon.... and only next week I will be able go to Lisbon to do something else and then also take care of these damn glasses.
Have a nice weekend.

OH and P.S.: I added a new like folder on the Blog, so now you have: Home; About Me and Find Me On. The Find Me On section, is for some of the other profiles I have and if you want to follow me there you are welcome to check it out. :) . 
Next week there will be a lot of new singles. Stay tuned!

Evanescence - What You WantNew Single – After 5 years since their last album The Open Door (2006), Evanescence are back. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.


Freak! Illamasqua's perfume

The make-up brand Illamasqua is going to release a fragrance called Freak! Illamasqua mainly focuses on highly pigment make-up and now they're debuting their first perfume.
Presenting the bottle. What I like the most is the colour of the glass.


Mango's series "What Should I Wear"

Okei, you guys know the clothes brand Mango right? And if you are into Fashion Blogs you will probably know Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook, and that this year she became Mango's It Girl.
Now Mango is taking things to another level, they decided to create like these series called What Should I Wear, that is kinda like I don't know, The Hills or The City (but in this case you know that the characters are actual actors, and it's all fake).
You can see the video for 2 episodes already online down below. If you see the video directly on Mango's website, there is this “time clothing line” ... I just made that up 'cause I don't know a proper name for it. So it's a bar that appears under the video, as the episode goes one , that shows you in detail the clothes that the actors are wearing, which is all Mango's clothes.
On the second episode Andy Torres makes an appearance as a stylist.
See the video, and let me know what you think. Do you think is a smart move for Mango, finding new ways to publish their clothes, or is simply just meh.


Rihanna on the cover of Esquire - November 2011

Rihanna was considered by Esquire magazine the Sexiest Woman Alive of 2011.
Huumm it seems to be a hell of a good year for her. She already working on a new album.


Musical Friday #20

Hello everyone.
So today is Friday, the end of another week.... for me it doesn't matter much, since everyday of the week seems like the weekend... I call it vacations :P For those that don't now yet, I will be going back to Prague this time for 6 months.... never thought I would be returning to Prague so soon, and to work at the same place again. The good thing is that I already know most of the people, even though every month there's people leaving and coming (lots of internships ppl) and I will be seeing Plami again yeeaahh.
So here are the selections that I made for this Friday, hope you enjoy it, and now I'm off to the beach.... Yeah you heard me, THE BEACH, with Akuma Kanji. xoxo

Beyoncé - Countdown - New Single - On this video you can see Beyoncé's pregnancy belly already. The last News (rumors) about Beyoncé, were saying that her pregnancy is fake! All of this because of two things. The pictures of the November Issue of Harper's Bazaar photo shoot with Beyoncé, in those pictures it's not possible to see a pregnancy belly.... its becaaaaauuuusseee the photos were taken before the belly starter POPING out, duh! That case had a simple solution, but the other case is when Beyoncé did an interview in Australia and while sitting down, her belly becomes odd... it kinda becomes flat o_O just look at the pic here
But I do confess the whole thing of Beyoncé announcing about her pregnancy on the MTV VMA's, it's sounds a bit weird to me, it doesn't seem I thing that she would do, I always saw her a person that in a way, wants her private life private... oh well. 


Katy Perry on the cover of InStyle Magazine - October 2011

Pretty in Pink! Is the new hair colour of Katy Perry, after being a redhead for a while this year aswell, I guess she decided to try the pink hair now. This is the cover of the October Issue of InStyle Magazine. In overall I like the photoshoot, the hair and the makeup... the wadrobe meh... some of the clothes that look interesting are the photos that they only took the picture of half of her body.


The new Nokia N9 oohhhh mama!

Dear lord I just found out that soon a new Nokia this time Nokia N9 will be launched! He's soooo prretttyyy :3
So far I only discovered in these 3 colours. I prefer the Black version. If you know me, you know I'm a big Nokia Lover <3 Come to Mama!
Fot more details and videos, visit http://swipe.nokia.com/


New Season of Dexter-Season 06

I'm a big fan of this serie, so I can't wait to see what's going to happen on this new season, after the shocking end of the 5th season!
Do you know, or like this serie? I know it night be a cup of tea for many people - since involves a lot of killing and blood.

I already saw the first episode, and now I kinda get the purpose of the new season's poster with the bloody wings... Dexter "goes religious" lol.


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Google Images.


Musical Friday #19

Hi Everyone! 
Thanks for the feedback regarding my Blog's new layout and banner :)
Another question that I have for you guys this time around, is... do you notice that I have like a *Click here to continue reading* button?
Sometimes when my posts are too long - eg: Musical Fridays; Monthly Shopping - I use this option in order to, a) to look more organized, and b) to take less time for my Blog to load to your pc. So you don't have duzen of pics straight away, and if you feel like reading the rest of a certain post, just click on that button. 
Have a nice weekend.


Maverick Sabre - I Need


R.I.P. Steve Jobs

I'll be the first one to admit, I wasn't the most fanatic fan of the Apple family... BUT I do admit that he was a great visionary man! Steve Jobs passed away yesterday, 5th of October, at the age of 56, after a long fight against pancreas cancer.


August's Shopping

Sooooo these are the thing I bought, were given to me as a present, and given to me 'cause the person didn't use it anymore, from August....
Warning there is a butt overload of pictures on this post.

White Gold necklace collage_1
An excusable delayed Valentine's Gift - As far as I was told, it's a White Gold necklace.
Quicksilver flipflops_02
An excusable delayed Birthday Gift - Quicksilver/Roxy Flip Flops.
I say an excusable delayed gift, due to the fact it wasn't given to be at the time (February and April) because of the distance, between me and my boyfriend. So I was only able to receive them in August.
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