Series that I'm watching #3

EN: Hello Bananas!
So I was suppose to upload a video and do a Blog post about a little D.I.Y. project (in case you saw my Facebook page) but life sometimes doesn't go as we planned, which was the case. And ended up having an aunt of mine and her daughter over here, my mom understood that they were coming on Tuesday but nope it was Monday. And then today I went with my aunt to downtown Lisbon for some shopping and boooyy I'm tired.
Anyways today's post is about some series that I've added to my list, currently watching and want to watch.

Starting with Sherlock (2010). Yeah The Sherlock Holmes The! Like the creators have described it in a way "Imagine if Sherlock was alive now." BOOM, there you go. At first I was like "hhhhmmm I don't knooowwww...". I'm quite a fan of the Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law's movie version, I think they have done a great job, so when I started watching the series I didn't expect much. One night they were showing on AXN the 2 seasons (Saturday and Sunday I think) so I started watching but since it was late at night I fell asleep sometimes, so I decided to watched it online aaaaaaannnnd I was hocked like a like a junkie with his drugs lol. 
Either than the fact that the series are so well filmed and put together the actors are AMAZE-BALLS, which makes the series even better. Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch (who also recently played Khan on Star Trek Into Drakness) and John Watson is played by Martin Freeman. PLEASE WATCH IT! So far it has 2 seasons, 3 episodes each. Each episode is like a movie because is about an hour and half.
Recently it has been announced that the 3rd season will only come out in 2014, so every fan of the series is climbing up the walls! The series basically come out every two years x_X.

Next is Whitechapel (2009). I never heard of this series and I caught the first episode on AXN Black by luck and I was hooked from the get go. So far there are 3 seasons and seasons 1 and 2 have 3 episodes each and season 3 has 6 episodes. So it's a crime, mystery, thriller type of series and on the 1st season apparently there is this man that is recreating the famous Jack The Ripper murders and of course the police is trying to catch him. Aaahhhhh it's very good.

Another series that I discovered while zapping through channels was Wallander (2008). Okei so I will tell you what I knew and know now. When I started watching the series I saw Tom Hiddleston's nose and was like "Wooow wow wow, wait a minute... is that Tom?", so you can say that the reason I started watching the rest of the episode was because of him. 
At first I had no idea what was going on, I only knew that they were Police Officers/Detectives, most of the main characters seem to be from the U.K. but the place where they were did not look like the U.K., although I don't know the U.K. top to bottom something was off. Then I noticed that Wallander had his steering wheel on the left side of the car, so it's not in the U.K.... WHERE ARE THEY? So I looked it up on IMDb and they are located in Sweden. From what I understood the series is based of a novel from the author Henning Mankell buuuut since 2005 there is also a Swedish version of Wallander (which I haven't seen it yet) and then came the English version with different actors in 2008.
This is a slow-paced series and is also a mini-series, each season contains about 3 episodes. The main character is Kurt Wallander which seems to be a very troubled man.

This next series is no news from most people, it's Hannibal (2013). I've known Hannibal (the movies) for ages now but I never saw them and I had NO IDEA this was based of an actual true story. On Tumblr I see fans making MEMEs/GIFs saying that he his the most polite criminal and I'm all like "What the hell is that all about?". I haven't watch the series yet but is on my list. The first season has 13 episodes.

Believe it or not there is another Sherlock Holmes series out there but on this one Sherlock (played by Jonny Lee Miller) is still from the U.K. but apparently he lives in New York and Dr. Watson is played by a woman actress Lucy Liu. Elementary (2012) is the name of this version of Sherlock Holmes and it's also placed in the 21st Century. This series is also on my list to watch.

I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. They were found randomly on Google and Tumblr.


Musical Friday #111

EN: Hello Bananas!
Today I went to the cinema to see the Pacific Rim movie and it was actually better than I anticipated. When I saw the trailer a few months ago, involving big robots and monster, my mind, as we ll as other Anime lovers, went straight to Neon Genesis Evangelion but is not necessarily the case, which is great. If you like Robots and Monster Action Adventure films, go and check it out. There was only 6 people in the room, me my 3 friends and another couple (that I don't know), this was the 1PM session that's why it was so empty. I feel sorry for the couple that was in there because I'm not the one to talk a lot in the cinema - I normally just make side comments or jokes - but today we were unstoppable >.<.
Other than that tomorrow I'm going to visit some family members of mine, some of them are the family that I lived with back in London last year. A family member of mine is in the hospital so we are going to pay her a visit.
Have a good weekend.

P!nk - True Love feat. Lily Allen


Wishlist #2

EN: Hello Bananas!
Today I was browsing around Fashiolista and these are some of the items that coat my attention the most.

PT: Olá Bananas!
Hoje andava eu pelo website Fashiolista e estas são algumas das coisas que me chamaram mais atenção.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Things that make you go huuummm! #11

EN:  Hello Bananas!
Last Friday I made some pancakes/crepes. I say pancakes/crepes, because some were big and slim and other small and thick. It has been a big fat while since I made some, so I blame it a bit on a lack of habit.
A few years ago I used to be a bit better at it. Me and my girl friends would get together and do a pancake/crepes Festival and have different topings, from the traditional jams and honey, to fruit, Nutella, chantilly/whip cream, cheese, ice cream etc.
The biggest Crepe Festival I ever been to was when I was living/studying in Nottingham U.K. back in 2010. There was a house gathering and the French girls were responsible for making the crepes and there was probably at least 20 people in that house. I do miss a big house party sometimes.
What's your favourite toping?


Musical Saturday #110

EN: Hello my lovely Bananas.
Yesterday I left home in the morning and by the time I got home it was almost midnight, so I didn't have time to do my weekly musical post. Nevertheless here are 6 new videos ;P.
P.S.: Any mothers out there? How come you don't have massive muscles on your arms?!?! I carried my friend's baby a couple of times yesterday and my arms are killing me right now o_O.

Priyanka Chopra - Exotic feat. Pitbull - New - Pppffffffff the woman is GORGEOUS!


D.I.Y. #5 - Bracelets Videos

EN: Hello Bananas.
I have a Board on Pinterest dedicated to D.I.Y. stuff but since I'm "not able" to share the pictures - for reasons that I've already explained on my previous post - I will share with you some videos (you can also pin videos to Pinterest).
A few months ago I went to a Chinese shop and bought some things in order to make a bracelet but once I got home and started "making" the bracelet one of the pieces did not fit in another piece so that "project" is pendent for now.
In the mean time I discovered other Chinese shops that sell D.I.Y. stuff so I will make other things in a near future. And perhaps also do a video about it?!?!? Would you like that?

Spiked Chevron Bracelets


Dream House #15

EN: Since Pinterest has a new layout design at the moment I'm not able to share pictures from there. None of the links work on my Blog. I had this problem before but them I went back to the old format but since is inevitable to avoid change, now I'm stuck. So I'll be collecting my picture from Tumblr 'till figure out how to work with Pinterest. And the thing that annoys me the most is that some pictures from some of my older posts like Dream House, Things that make me go hummm or monthly inspiration don't show up -_- rsrsrs.
If you know how to embed pictures from Pinterest (from the new layout design) to Blogger PLEASE let me know.
Anyways today's pictures are of living rooms and place where I've been spending a lot of times these days watching TV series after series.


Musical Friday #109

EN: Hello Bananas!
Other then going to the beach again this week, which left me completely TIRED the next day, I also got my new I.D. card, the photo doesn't look that bad, it could have been better but I also had worse so it's o.k..
But the best thing of the week is that the process of evaluation - let's call that - of my (and others) report for the Leonardo Da Vinci program - a internship program  I did last year - IT'S FINALLY OVER! I can't believe this whole shenanigans took about a year and how much it delayed my life *ugh*. 
Now if hopefully nothing goes wrong in my life I will start planning my looonnggg waited return to London >.<.

Justin Timberlake - Tunel Vision - New - You might or not have the need to have a Youtube account  in order to see this video, simple because it has a age restriction because there are a lot of naked Ladies in this video. Which is quite the controversy, some people have no problem with it because he does it in a "artistic" way and other don't like it.


Helena Bonham Carter on the cover of Vogue UK - July 2013

EN: On the cover of the July issue of Vogue U.K. is the actress Helena Bonham Carter. Married with the a oh-so-famous Director Tim Burton, most movies that I've seen with her she plays someone with a lot of character and a bit crazy, like a wicked evil wizard on Harry Potter, the Red Queen on Alice in Wonderland, a Cook that uses Humans meat to cook pies in Sweeney Todd, among many many other caracthers she played, these are just some of my favourite.
What is your favourite movie with Helena?


Outfit #13 - Let's go to the beach

EN: Hello Bananas! In the last 2 weeks I've been to the beach already 4 times. It might not be much for some of you but for me it is. Lately traveling to the beach, although is more accessible it's getting more and more expensive, I've been lucky enough to go with some of my friends by car.
I've never been crazy about getting tanned but over the last 3 years I die for one. Since 2009 I've been leaving abroad in countries where the sun is a bit shy and there's no proper beaches so whenever I return to Portugal I'm "kinda of" pale and desperate for some colour.
When I go to the beach I try not to forget my cap - to protect my head of course -, my sun glasses - so that I don't spend all day squinting my eyes -, a lip balm because I have dry lips - and sun block - although I want to get tanned, I don't want any skin problems. And even using sun block I still can tanned but at least it's a healthy tan and not a sun burn.
Remember girls  ALWAYS use sun block, I'm sure you don't want to get skin cancer or have horrible skin when you get older.
What are your beach essentials?

P.S.: I really want a Tribal/Aztec bikini even though I don't need a new bikini right now lol.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


Musical Friday #108

EN: Hello Bananas.
I know I know I've been a bit absent of the Blog again. To tell you the truth these last days I don't feel like spending time in front of my computer. In a few weeks it's going to be one year since my laptop broke down and since then I'm been working with my home computer which is about ten years old. To make matters worse my bedroom blinds broke and my father will only be able to (hopefully) fix them this Sunday and not to mention it is hot like hell these days. So because of this I can't stand be in my bedroom it's a freaking sauna. I only come in at night when it's a bit (just a bit) cooler.
Anyways this last Tuesday I went to the beach (my third time this year) it was lovely and the water was aammmaaazziiinngggg. Never though that I could feel such warm sea/Atlantic Ocean here in Portugal.
And on Wednesday I took care of my new I.D.. Now I will have one of those new cards that have a bunch of information and personal numbers and the photo most of the time is awful because you have to take it at the place #EyesRolling. Back in the day we used to take picture somewhere else and then give it to the people that do the I.D.s but we take them on the spot and the photos most of the times make you look like you are going to jail. So I spent a good half hour doing a no makeup Makeup Look in order to look decent.

Stromae - Papaoutai - This is the song of the week for me. Non-stop replay. In case you are not familiar with Stromae a few years back he had two very popluar songs named "Alors On Danse" and "Te Quiero".


Hello July

EN: Well what ya know? It's July! Ju-freaking-ly... the seventh month of the year. Time is flying waayyy too fast for my taste.
June was a month that started of shitty but then it got better much better. Simply because I'm lucky to have the friends that I have and I spent a lot of time with them this last month, specially last week. From Tuesday to Sunday I hanged out with my mates everyday. And I hope that July is no different.
Have a good month!

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