Musical Friday #143

(OMIS - Croatia)

Hello everyone!
These last weeks I've been away from my Blog but that's because I've been busy getting ready for my holidays. The last time I had a proper vacation was last summer when I went to my friends wedding in Portugal, after that has been pretty much work work work :P.
For this vacation we (my boyfriend and I) will be going to Slovakia (where we are at the moment) and after we are going to Croatia.
The first night when we arrived in Slovakia there was a crazy festival of thunders and lightnings to the point that during the night when I was sleeping there was a thunder so strong that woke me up and left me completely disorientated and kinda vibrated the house. It sounded like someone was exploding fireworks inside the house. I've seen some pretty intense lightings and thunders but this one took the cake.
I initially wanted to vlog buuuuut I realize I'm not good with that so I've been using Snapchat more often than ever. In case you wanna follow me there my account is nerak_86. I upload whenever I have wi-fi since we are not using roaming because is a bit expensive.
Other than that I'm looking forwards for the Croatian beaches doing nothing but tan and chill, get some colour on my skin to last me all the way till next year haha.
I will try and take as many photos as I can and if I have enough material I will Blog about like I used to in the past.
See ya ;)

Calvin Harris - This is what you came for Feat. Rihanna


London Summer

London Summer

EN: First of all how crazy that we are already in July?!?! And then for those of us that live in London what kinda of a Summer is this? As I sit here writing this post it has rained already three times and in between a bit of sunshine, geez talk about a bipolar weather.
And as stupid as it sounds it makes my life harder in order to decide what to dress. You see rain you think okay I will wear my Parka/Trench coat but it's not cold so I will wear a lighter jacket but it's not long enough to protect a bit of my legs from the rain ssoooo the solution is a Duster/Lightweight Trench/Lightweight Parka (it's brand names it something different). It's a long coat but still very light. Yesterday I ordered my online and I hope it fits me nicely.

PT: Em primeiro lugar nem dá para acreditar que já estamos em Julho! E para aqueles que vivem em Londres que nem eu mas que raio de Verão é este? Então eu estou aqui a escrever este post já choveu três vezes e entre chuvaradas o sol resolve dar uma Olá, nooossa nunca vi tempo mais bipolar.
Pode parecer estúpido mas isto dificulta-me a vida quando tenho que decidir o que vestir. Ora se estiver a chover eu penso vou usar uma Parka mas não está frio então vou usar uma casaco mais leve mas esse não é longo o suficiente para proteger as minhas pernas da chuva entãoooooo a solução é um Duster/um Trench leve/uma Parka leve (cada marca dá um nome diferente a este estilo de casaco). É basicamente um casaco longo mas feito em geral com um material leve.
Ontem encomendei um online espero que me sirva como deve ser.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.
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