Dream House #3

I have done one of these - Dream House segments - in a while.
Last week I woke up one day with the idea "That's it! I want my bedroom Black and White! MUAHAHAHAHA". Me bedroom has always been a mix - and not the good kind - of white furniture and "cherry" wood as they call it. It started when we moved in to this flat, we had already had a wardrobe, big and white, then my parents bought me a new bed also in white, and then we had let's call it a home made "bookcase" that was painted in white. A few years later my mom bought my first computer, so we bought a desk, we couldn't find a white one that had all the things that I need it, so we end up buying one in the colour cherry wood, then the "bookcase" became too small, so we bought a new one also in cherry wood. Then came the curtains.... a few years back I was having this Holland phase, I was into Kane - a Dutch rock band - and the Dutch football team , so those are the colours of my curtains, one orange in the middle and two dark blue ones on each side aaaaannd now I'M tired of them -_-.
In the mean time I had other changes in my bedroom and now most of the furniture is white, but I still have the cherry wood desk. So I shared the black and white idea with my mom, and first she was like "OI?", we talked, and then she suggested like a Japanese inspired room - still with the black and white - and I was like "RIGHT ON MOM!".
Below you will see some pictures that I collected from Google. The first set is Japanese inspired. Now the thing with Japanese bedroom - and attention I'm no expert - they seem to be very minimalistic and basic, like the main purpose of a bedroom is to? Sleep. And what do I need in order to sleep? A bed. And that´s it... well not necessarily, but you get the idea. I can't not transform completely my bedroom, but two things that will be changed hopefully in the future, will be my bed, change the couples bed, that takes so much space, in to one of those body and a half beds, with a drawer underneath with another bed in case someone comes over, aaaand my desk. And since I have STUFF (lol) I can not have my bedroom just with my bed in it. 


Then I have a few modern furniture pics, and again with modern furniture decoration - at least with these pictures - it feels like it also has a Japanese inspiration on them, regarding the minimalism, and simple and clean cut furniture.

And then there is this style. Which I can not remember the name, is it Victorian? If you know please let me know. With the chandelier, bed full of pillows, patterns you see on the carpets and walls and pillows.

Desire of the moment, a black and white bedroom.
Bed, side bed, against the wall, with a drawer underneath with another bed, in black or white.
Desk, metal and glass.
Walls, most of the in white, and then one of them in either black, or dark red/burgundy; my mother also suggested purple. Maybe then I would put like a Japanese symbol in white.
aaaahhhh >.<


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Google Images.


  1. Tens aí umas quantas casas que me cortam a respiração =D
    Por vezes também passo horas a ver casas e decoração de interiores!!!

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

  2. Love the rooms! I really like the japanese influence!


  3. Love it! I always enjoy seeing interior decorating inspiration... I've always loved black and white together. Its so striking!

  4. ooh love your styling for your ideal home

  5. Some very traditional homes in Japan have rooms without a bed and just an open space to use as they wish during the daytime....in the evening they will roll out a soft duvet-like mattress to sleep on. They say sleeping on the hard wooden surface is good for the back.....very disciplined and health conscious! lol! :)
    May x

  6. very cool picks.esp first few one.Go for white n black if ur room is airy and has access to sunlight. that way it 'll look mor spacious.
    Following u now


  7. Those "Dream House" pictures are definitely in my dreams too, they're great! Awesome selection :) There's a new outfit post up on my blog and I'd really love to hear what you think of it. Feel free to stop by!
    xoxo, Veena



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