Musical Friday #22

 Hello everyone, how was your week? Mine was like this...
So I had to go back to my Optician and complain about my glasses, that the service was awful, the lens was not 100% correctly placed, the technician decided - God knows why - to cut off the length of two of the screws, when I put the glasses on my face they didn't stay right... argh. Anyways, now luckily I still have with me, my previous pair of glasses, so I'm using them while my other glasses are at the Optician in order to fixe them... let's pray that this time around they do it right. 
Another situation, is my internship in Prague for next year, right now there's a misunderstanding going on between my Faculty and the Company that I was suppose to go (which is the same that I went this year in Prague). So basically now I am waiting to see if I'm still going to Prague or not.... -_-
Aaaaaand oh yeah, I cut my hair >.< I much needed cut, since the lat time I cut it, was before I went to Mozambique last year.... in December, and after these 9 months in Prague, of relaxing my hair, dying my hair, blow drying plus passing the straightener... you can imagine the damage right? :/ I didn't trust the hairdressers in Prague plus they were very expensive... but more about my hair later on...

Have a nice weekend everybody, and enjoy the music, a lot of New Singles.

Britney Spears - Criminal – New Single – But gets involved with a criminal in this video. But seriously guys, that first boyfriend of hers, with the British accent… it was so crappy…

Rihanna - We Found Love feat. Calvin HarrisNew Single – Rihanna’s first single from her new Album Talk that Talk is creating a lot of buzz, not necessarily the song, but the video itself. From a incident while filming on a field, braless… the owner came and kicked her and the film crew out of there, the making out session with Boxer and Model Dudley O’Shaughnessy, and that fact that people are saying that he looks like Chris Brown…. (not really, just because of the fake blonde hair? Pleeaasseee), the scenes of consuming alcohol and drugs, and people speculating that Rihanna and Dudley are a couple in real life now…. Dudley in recent interviews says he is not dating Rihanna.


Kelly Rowland - Lay It On Me ft. Big SeanNew Single – What I have to say is …. Kelly has been showing a lot of skin in recent videos of hers… after this video came out, she already launched another video, just a week after o_O.

Beyoncé - Love On Top New Single – Beyoncé is another one … She basically realest 3 video clips this month. “Countdown” on the 7/10, “Love on Top” on the 14/10 and a resent video “Party” on the 26/10. What’s going oonnnnn o_Ô

Girls' Generation - The Boys (English version)New Single – Must of you maybe don’t know but I’m into Japanese, Chinese, Korean music, so in Korean I don’t know why they have this really big Girl and Boy Bands, like the case of the Girl’s Generation, they are 9. This is their new single, and it’s sung in English, I guess they are trying to get in into bigger market, and gain more fans. Below you will see the same single, but in Korean, and played Live.

Girls' Generation - The Boys Live (Korean version)


  1. Oh no! I do hope things work out for you, and that you get to go to Prague! That would be such an awesome opportunity!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. love this post and also your blog! I follow you!
    pass to mine and if it likes you, follow me back :D

  3. Lovely playlist! I am now following you... so I can listen them more often :) Stop by my blog! Kisses!

  4. Hope everything will work out :)
    I love the playlist!!

  5. I love Britney and Criminal is such a catchy yet different song. Femme Fetale is a great album.


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