Rihanna on the cover of Esquire - November 2011

Rihanna was considered by Esquire magazine the Sexiest Woman Alive of 2011.
Huumm it seems to be a hell of a good year for her. She already working on a new album.

And on the 3rd place is luso-american actress Daniela Ruah, you can see her on series NCIS Los Angeles. acting along side LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell and next year on the movie "Red Tails".

This photo shoot for Esquire with Daniela Ruah were featured on the September Issue of Esquire 2011.


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Google Images.


  1. não gosto muito destas fotos da rhianna mas sem dúvida que é a mulher mais sexy :)

  2. she is adorable!!!love your blog hunny kisses :)
    thanks for your comment
    kisses :)

  3. wow!! Rihanna Looks Gorgeous! great cover! :)

  4. These girls look stunning. I'm not sure where I've been but I had never heard of the girl from NCIS.

  5. she filmed the video of "We found love" in Northern Ireland on the fields of a 61-year-old farmer, who when saw her topless, chased all the crew away! :D and for the rest she was a sensation in Belfast, ppl were following here everywhere where she filmed and she was shouting at them to get out of the way of the camera! Did you see the video already?

  6. Aquelas botas foram um achado
    A Rihanna é linda mas a nossa Daniela não lhe fica nada atrás

    Kiss kiss.*Jo


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