August's Shopping

Sooooo these are the thing I bought, were given to me as a present, and given to me 'cause the person didn't use it anymore, from August....
Warning there is a butt overload of pictures on this post.

White Gold necklace collage_1
An excusable delayed Valentine's Gift - As far as I was told, it's a White Gold necklace.
Quicksilver flipflops_02
An excusable delayed Birthday Gift - Quicksilver/Roxy Flip Flops.
I say an excusable delayed gift, due to the fact it wasn't given to be at the time (February and April) because of the distance, between me and my boyfriend. So I was only able to receive them in August.

Now on to the stuff I bought before the August Roadtrip (more like Traintrip).

It was time to dye my hair again... this time L'oreal Casting Glossy Blacks in 200.
Balea Eye cream_2
Some Eye care cream from Balea.
Balea Face cream_02
A face cream from Balea, nice and small, good for travelling.
Adidas deodorant_02
Adidas Women Deodorant, surprisingly good.
Balea hand gel_02
I'm not a big fanatic fan of these Handgels (Balea), but I do admit sometimes is usefull. 
Miss Sporty rimel_02
Miss Sporty Clear Mascara - since my previous clear mascara was in a way dirty, it was time  to buy a new one. And believe it or not, it wasn't easy to find it. It didn't cross my mind, but probably should have bought more of these.
Coconut Spray Collage_1
Sephora Coconut Milk Spray/Perfume - very usefull, and easy to carry, much better than taking an actual perfume bottle.
Clinique soap collage_1
Clinique 3 Step Care line/Facial Soap - I decided to do a bit of an investment, and buy a good product in order to clean my face. I tried many brands in the past, and I never feel my face actually clean. The first time I tried a Clinique Facial Soap, it belong to another person, and I guess her soap was one that is like almost white, and it can be used in any skin type, and OMG, you know that squeaky sound? Like when you wash your teeth and if they are super clean and you rub your finger on them makes a squeaky sound? That's the sound that my face does when I use a Clinique soap. So for myself, I bought the Combination Oily to Oily 3 & 4.

Peace ring collage_1
Double Ring with the Peace sign from Gate.

glasses collage_1
Sunglasses from Gate.

H&M ring collage_1
Long Ring from H&M.
Now some things I bought during my journey.

Kiko lip pencil collage_1
Pencil Lip Gloss Shade 12 from Kiko - bought in Venice, Italy.

Kiko nailpolish collage_1
Nailpolish in purple with blue sparkle from Kiko (I had to searched on their website and I guess the name is 301 Violet Black Microglittler) - bought also in Venice, Italy.

Adidas Collage_1
Adidas Campus Trefoil ST MID W - A gift bought in Paris, France. During our road trip, we passed in Paris and the weather was like crazy bananas. Sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy. And the snickers that I had from H&M were starting to die... meaning they were starting to have a hole on the sole, and since it was raining in Paris I ended up stepping on a puddle of water :/. So my Boo (aka boyfriend) offered to buy me a new pair of shoes >.< We went back to the Adidas store where we were earlier - where he bought a rain coat for himself - and I found these Babies <3.

Bracelet and ring from Barcelona_02
Bracelet and massive blue Ring from a random shop - bought in Barcelona, Spain. Another gift that I managed to get from my Boo hehe :P

Vogue Spain_02
Spanish Vogue, it was about 3.50€ and it came with 2 magazines - bought it also in Barcelona, Spain. Now these magazines I asked my boyfriend to buy them for me... since he was going to watch a Barcelona football match, and I didn't feel like going, I wanted to entertain myself. Although I ended up not reading them that evening, since I spent it packing for us both lol.
Now a few things that my ex-roomate Aya gave me.

MAC Golden Blue Collage_2
M.A.C. Golden Blue loose eyeshadow

Vogue eye pencil_02
Two eye pencils from Vogue.

Silver Nailpolish collage_1
Sparkly Grey nailpolish.


I own the copyrights of these pictures.
These Photos were taken by me.


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  2. Love your peace ring!
    And by the way thank you for your music Fridays posts. Was watching music videos for couple of hours:)

  3. Peace and love ring ! ♥ The sunglasses !! Etc...

  4. Yeeeee, August shopping! I bought the very same Adidas deodorant, haha, me likey :) annnnd me likey the sneakers, actually me lovey the sneakers, I bought Adidas too for the new season :)

  5. Olá!!! Tantas coisas giras!!! Sua sortuda!!! Hhehehe!

    PS. Tens recebido os meus comments?? É que o blogger não me tem deixado comentar em alguns Blogs e como não me dá nenhuma msg, eu não sei se chega ai. Bjo

  6. OMG! I am drooling over your shopping finds! I love the sunnies and the rings! The peace connector ring is to die for. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  7. Wow, so many great items. Love them all. Especially the sunglasses and rings.

  8. Ena tantas compras e presentes. Também quero ;)

  9. Pretty new stuff hun!;)
    Thank u for visiting and commenting on my blog, hope I'll see u again!;)


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