Musical Friday #21

Hello everyone. How was your week? 
As for me, I went to visit my brother that came from Ireland for a couple of days in order to pick up his daughter and take her with him to Ireland. Then I went to optician to fix my glasses lens, and after like an hour and half, me walking around the shopping mall Vasco da Gama killing time "blindly" window shopping, I got my glasses back, they had to do some touch up, and then I had to rush to catch a bus (not before I went back to a certain store and buy something lol). Oooooonly when I arrived home I notice other problems with the galsses frames, the glasses don't stay straight on my face, like... you know that your body is not 100% equal from side to side, so imagine if one of your ears is placed a bit higher than the other one, so can imagine how your glasses are gonna look like on your face right, that is how is looking on my face, and it's kinda disturbing me 'cause the lens in a way is not placed right, so noooow I have to go again to the optician and ask them to fix this damn thing again arrrghhh... The only thing that bother me the most is the fact that the optician is placed in Lisbon... and I don't live in Lisbon.... and only next week I will be able go to Lisbon to do something else and then also take care of these damn glasses.
Have a nice weekend.

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Next week there will be a lot of new singles. Stay tuned!

Evanescence - What You WantNew Single – After 5 years since their last album The Open Door (2006), Evanescence are back. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out New Single


Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here – Why so sad Avril? Aren’t thing going well with Mr.Brody?

BC Jean - I'll Survive You


Reeve Carney - Rise Above 1 ft. Bono, The Edge – Clearly a song that will belong to the Soundtrack of the new Spiderman Movie.



  1. cool post! love those music

    XO, Carmen

    Come and visit me too!

  2. Olá! Ainda estás por cá? Pois, os óculos é uma treta. É por isso que na maior parte do tempo uso lentes. Hehheh!
    Beijinhos :)

  3. Love love love Florence and the Machine! Love her music and think she's definitely...perfect!

    follow me on http://usuallyonsundaymorning.blogspot.com/

  4. I love this post and also your blog!
    I follow u!
    pass to mine and follow me too :D

  5. love these music!! amazing blog dear :))

    puss puss and huggs from <33


  6. Hello!I love all of them!!Also i want to thank you for your sweet comment!
    lots of kisses nandia.

  7. woa I love the music you featured in this post! Big fan of Florence and the machine, Avril Lavigne & Evanescence :)

    Visit me on tha-darlinh.blogspot.com


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