Katy Perry on the cover of InStyle Magazine - October 2011

Pretty in Pink! Is the new hair colour of Katy Perry, after being a redhead for a while this year aswell, I guess she decided to try the pink hair now. This is the cover of the October Issue of InStyle Magazine. In overall I like the photoshoot, the hair and the makeup... the wadrobe meh... some of the clothes that look interesting are the photos that they only took the picture of half of her body.

Katy Perry using Karen Walker's glasses "Number One Crystal in Orange/Yellow".


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  1. Wow, Katy Perry looks hot with her new pink hair! Reminds me of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. :-D

  2. Não desgosto de a ver assim, mas preferia ela com o cabelo preto =P

    Quanto aquilo de furar paredes para fazer organizadores de jóias, eu não furei nada ;) usei cola de silicone (aquela branca que se usa para vedar as banheiras e afins) atrás dos pedaços de madeira, deixas secar durante umas 3h (aquilo não cai da parede enquanto seca) e depois está pronto para se usar e abusar =D

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

  3. I like so much your blog. check out mine and if you like follow me.


  4. meh, pink ha, what's next - blue? just to try all of the colours in California girls? no, thank you. I like the first and last picture most, she kinda reminds me of a new super heroine/ninja :D I might as well invite her for a guest photoshoot, she will perfectly fit with some pink desserts :P



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