April's Shopping

Things I bought in April

brown belt
Brown Belt from H&M

Shampoo and Conditioner from Schauma for died hair
Hairspray for coloured hair from Taft

Pomegranate & Raspberry Shower Cream
Rice Dry Deodorant

So I decided to dye my hair.... oooh boy oh boy. Last time I died my hair in December it was in black (my natural hair is brown), so now the black was getting wasted, I had like 4cm of roots, so it's time to DYE! I decided to go for this colours is like a plum colour with red reflexes from L'OREAL Casting... ooohh what have I done.
A- One box was enough for my hair, it even got to the point I was like, "does this thing ever ends? So much dye ink damn;
B- The dye ink grabs, and it granbs well...;
C- bbuuutttt be carefull of your previous colour -_- So in the end, I had Plum roots, and the rest of the hair went black again o_O oh snap.

So I needed to correct my mistake like ASAP! So I went to a close by shop and bought this black ink Palette from Schwarzkopf, small box, perfect just to dye my roots to, and it's a very nice dye ink, the hair stays like glossy black.
Also I decided to buy a new heat protector for straightening also from Schwarzkopf from the Taft collection, tried it once, so far so good.

Essence Smokey brush
Essence Smokey Eye Brush

Maybelline_Hollywood red pencil
Maybelline New York lip liner Color Sensational in colour 540 Hollywood Red

Ebelin_Smokey brush
Ebelin Smokey pencil brush

TOPSHOP_heart tights
Topshop tights with little hearts. The first time I saw them in Topshop, I saw them on one of those fake legs for exposition, and I ran to the tights rack to find them and they were nowhere to be found :( I asked one of the guys that work there if they had anymore of these heart tights and he asked another guy, and said "No" :((.
Pass a couple of weeks, and I went to Topshop again, and I FOUND THEM! AAAHHHHH, so of course I bought them :p.


  1. Olá! O talão worten foi uma promoção que eles tiveram no fim de semana e que ao comprares algum dos produtos da loja ficavas com 20% do valor da tua compra num talão que podias usar durante o mês de maio.. foi uma boa promoção!

    xoxo F.

  2. Great Items!


  3. cute tights

  4. Ahh you've got to type in the url, its an amazing website!

    and GREAT post(:

    xoxo Uyen

  5. hi! thanx for your comment on my blog! I follow you now....follw me back please! kisses


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