Let me Upgrade you - BlackBerry Z10

BB Z10

Since the end of last year I've been looking for a new mobile phone/smartphone, and my plan was to get a contract. So with that I mean, I would pay a certain amount per month for about 2 years which would pay the phone and my normal SIM card expenses. But apparently for some reason I was not able to get a contract, I tried different shops and different phone companies and it would always fail. I even went to the bank to check if there was anything wrong with my bank account but everything is perfectly fine...
I ended up going to a shop called Phones 4U and only there the lady explained to me what possibly is happening to me, it's because I never had any types of contracts in U.K. (same as many of of my friends that come to the U.K. but somehow they managed to get a contract), so she suggested me to get just a SIM card contract (no phone included) pay it for 3 to 6 months and after that I can do a phone upgrade with no problems... Uuuhhmm okay, done deal.
But then what happened, I had a good SIM card deal, but could not used the free internet that I'm aloud to... new dilemma. If you follow me on Instagram I shared a phone of a Nokia Asha 503 that I had it for like a week, it is a good phone but it sucks loads when entering in certain websites, so I ended up returning it, even though the man maid such a "drama" about it! Jesus!
Pass on a few days and I met up with a friend of mine and she showed me a new phone that she had, the BlackBerry Z10, I thought that would end up costing a fortune but it's not that bad, plus is SIM Free, meaning I can use it anywhere in the world pretty much. Long story short I bought the same exact phone in black at the Carphone Warehouse shop.
It is a great phone, it is the first time for me that I have a smartphone so I still have a lot to learn and get used to the fact that the battery won't last that long, even if you don't touch it. If any of you get this phone my advice would be, once you buy it, only turned it on once you are at home and connect the phone to your WI-FI and do system updates, after that like my friend recommended to me installed an App called SNAP, so that way you can install a bunch of Apps like Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber etc. The phone actually already comes with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn installed.
For more Information on SNAP I will leave you a couple of usual websites that I found, 1, 2,3.
Now I just ordered two cheap phone cases from Amazon.co.uk and I can't wait for them to arrive so that I can protect this little guy.

BB Z10

BB Z10

What cool Apps to you guys recommend?

The 1st picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..
The 2nd & 3rd images were found via Amazon.co.uk.

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