Early Birthday Gift - M.A.C. - Part 2


EN: A couple of weeks ago I showed you a picture of a M.A.C. bag, which was my early birthday gift from me to myself. So this is what I bought, a M.A.C. lipstick in "Spice It Up!" with a Lustre finish and a lip pencil in "Mahogany".
Back in 2009 I went for the first time to a M.A.C. in Portugal and the man who worked there ended up doing my makeup for free and he gave me some free samples. One of them being a lipstick which was my favourite colour ever. Somehow during the Christmas of 2009, travelling from London to Portugal and vice-versa I lost it :( and I had no idea the name of it I could only remember the colour but since M.A.C. stuff is expensive I've been on a hunt for years for something similar. I did find something close I suppose from Sleek Makeup a Pout Paint but after you apply it it dries and it fades pretty quickly.
Anyways, one day after work I went to M.A.C. and I asked the girl that work there for help to find a nice cherry colour that I could easily wear it everyday. She first applied one that was a bit too dark - that I might buy it later on - but then she applied the Spice It Up and OMG I kid you not the smile on my face of like "I FINALLY FOUND YOU!".
So I ended up buying the lipstick and the lip pencil. I will wear the lipstick on it's own most days but if I need a bit more definition or to make it a bit darker I will use the lip pencil. And so my M.A.C. obsession as begun haha.
What is your favourite M.A.C. product?


These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Cute shades!

    p.s. It might be once till now, it might be often, but thank you for having a second of your time to visit my blog...

  2. Gotta love a bit of MAC in your life, huh? :)

    http://lights-colours-sounds.blogspot.co.uk/ x

    1. True that, pity that is such an expensive addiction haha. X


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