First post of 2014

EN: COFF COFF *cleaning dust* COFF COFF... Is anybody out there?
And the award for the worst Blogger goes to......... ME! XD :/ :( >.<.
I'm sorry you guys I really am. I didn't plan to spend so much time without Blogging. My last days of December were spent with me trying to get better - because I was sick again -, working double shifts, spending NYE at work with my work colleagues and in the middle of all that you can add some personal stuff that happened to me that I don't feel comfortable to talk about it that actually I'm still trying to figure out and understand what the fuck is going on....
Other than that I will try and return to my Blogging habits, I admit that I enjoyed this pause, like I said many time before, sometimes coming home late at night after work the last things I want to do is to Blog, plus I still don't have my own laptop. I have no idea if I will be able to buy one anytime soon. Ooooohh life.
2013 ended with a bit of a bitter sweet taste for me. I closed a few chapters in my life and opened new ones and now let's see what 2014 will bring me.
I know that we are basically in the middle of January but still Happy New Year!!! Now I will take this opportunity that I'm feeling all pumped up and prepare a post for tomorrow.
See you soon xoxo.

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