London | 4 months

EN: Since the 19th of September, last week, it has been four months since I moved to London. Time freaking flies!
It has been four months since I said goodbye to my friends and family for the forth time and this time it was "for good". It doesn't mean that I won't see them ever again but that I will spend less time with them and probably miss out in a lot of good moments. With my other abroad experience I would be away for a few months and then go back to Portugal for a few months as well but now I won't be able to stay in Portugal for very long but also because I want to be able to explore other countries which has always been a dream of mine. My plan is to go to Portugal this Summer because I have a friend's wedding and my friend's daughter christening so let's see how things go.
Right now I'm thankful that I have a job, even though it's far from my dream job, I don't even earn enough so that I can live comfortably and pay for a bedroom + extra bills + public transport. I'm very lucky that I have family in London and they let me live with them until I get settled.
It is time to start looking for a better job! Something with better scheduled, 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday and most importantly with a better pay check.
2014 hasn't been easy breezy for me, besides some personal shenanigans that I'm going through, recently my cousin's father passed away and then this weekend one of my best friends father also passed away, plus a family member of mine had to be rushed to the hospital, sssooooo it has been intense and stressful month.
I won't lie that sometimes I second guess my decision to move to London but I know that overall it was for the best.

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  1. Isso mesmo, se nunca tentares nunca saberás se poderia ter dado certo. É isso que deves ter em mente. Embora nunca tenha trabalhado e vivido no estrangeiro, sei bem que sentimento é esse...os meus pais são emigrantes e vieram para Portugal com a nossa idade (26/27 anos)...e essas dúvidas todas que tens, principalmente nos momentos maus, são normais para quem está na tua situação. São complicados de se lidar mas tudo há-de melhorar.


    1. Oi Carina. Pois é como o outro canta "Starting from the bottom now we are here".
      Os meus pais também não são de Portugal, por isso sei que vida de emigrante não é nada fácil nos primeiros tempos. Apesar que para mim esta é a quarta vez que vivo fora de Portugal mas desta vez é diferente.


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