Series that I'm watching #4

(From Dracula)

EN: Since moving to London I lost track of the series that I was watching and the website where I used to see my series got shut down and I'm not really a big fan of watching series online because... patience (for the loading/buffering stuff) is not on my side. So in the meanwhile I started watching other series on TV.
May I just say that where I live we have Virgin Media TV cable and it kinda sucks, the TV shows in general goodness gracious @_@. I now understand why when I was in Portugal another TV Cable company called ZON used to try and impress us with the fact that you can also have ZON here in the U.K. and I was always like "WHY? They have also cable tv, they have so many deals for internet and a lot of places have FREE WI-FI.", this is way, because their programming kinda sucks. There are certain areas in London that you know is full of Portuguese people because they have ZON (parabolic) antennas outside their house windows haha.

This face may look familiar, specially if you watched The Tudors, I didn't (ups) but still I know him from other films and what not but now he is starting in Dracula (2013). The series is based in London but Dracula has an American accent, he is pretending to be an American entrepreneur named Alexander Grayson. The first season finish last week and it only has 10 episodes and I have no idea when is it coming back. But overall it's very good.

I guess from the creator/writer of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry and produced by Eva Longoria, now we have Devious Maids (2013). It's more or less the same formula, you have a group of women, these ones are all Latina Americans and they are house maids for some very rich people, each one of them has their one issues but they have something in common a friend of theirs (another maid) that was murdered. I guess mini-series is the new thing because the first season only has 13 episodes.

Ripper Street (2012) was one of those series that I discovered when zapping from channel to channel and I immediately "fell in love" with it. It's based in the East End of London in 1889 after the famous Jack The Ripper murders. Like a lot of BBC's good series this is also a mini-series. I started watching last year which was when they aired the second season now I have to find the first one.

Aaaaaahhhhh Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013), I had so many high hopes for this series. Being a big fan of all MARVEL movies I was super excited for this series. The first episode was quite good but then for me things started to get boring. I thought it would be a bit more like Heroes but I guess I understand they didn't want to got he same path but most of the times I was watching the episodes and be like "What the hell is going on?". So since I started working I lost track of it so I have to catch up and probably re-watch the previous episodes. In the meantime I have no idea if they already explained how the hell is Agent Phil Coulson still alive. If you saw the movie The Avengers (2012) you know what happened to him.

The Blacklist was another series that caught my attention from the first episode, full of OMG, WTF and NO WAY! But after a episodes I started loosing interest. So there this man Raymond 'Red' Reddington who apparently used to be a agent (I thought he was just simply a bad guy) was M.I.A. for a long time and then one day he decides to surrender himself to the F.B.I. and give them information about a terrorist but only if gets to speak to a young F.B.I. agent, Elizabeth Keen.

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  1. Oh a minha série de eleição já terminou, era a NIKITA :(
    Então que tal, tudo bem por aí rapariga?

    1. Ollllaaaa, tudo bem contigo? Comigo cá se vai andando.
      Aaahhh a Nikita, eu já vi alguns episódios com a nova actriz mas não me convenceu ainda. Tava habituada a outra loira.


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