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Ear piercing 1st 2014

EN: It has been about fifteen years I think since I last pierced my ears. I did my first two piercings when I was about three months old and then when I was about twelve years old (if I'm not mistaken) I begged and I mean I beeeeeeged my mother to do my second piercing on my right ear. I admit that I only wanted to do because all of my friends were also doing it, the same way that I wanted to do this stupid blonde streak highlight on my hair at the age of 11/12 but my mother also didn't let me do it but in a way thank God haha. 
So back to the piercing I asked my mother she said no and then she tells me to ask my father, so I asked him and he didn't care and told me to go ask my mom (-_-), so I asked again and very much against her will and because I wouldn't shut up about it she let me do it. So back in the late 90's - Oh God I feel so freaking old - in my little town if you wanted to get a normal piercing on your ear (lobe) you would go to a jewellery store. Yes it's true. Back then they used to have this pistol gun, they would just put the earring on it and "bang" done haha. Pretty fast and pretty painless. 
After that I never did another piercing, is not that I gave up on the idea of doing more but it wasn't a priority - not that is now as well. For a long time I wanted to do on my nose but after spending a analysing my face and how it would look I gave up. I was never into doing belly button, my tongue, my eyebrow, lips, boobs, genitalia or in other body parts, I basically just want to pierce my ears.
Last Saturday (25th of Jan.) me and my cousin plus two friends of hers went to a Tattoo and Piercing shop called Studio 69 located in Walthamstow (North-East London). I decided to do on my ear rim - as they call it -  I was a bit nervous because I had no idea how much it was going to hurt but actually it was pretty painless. You feel going in but is nothing unbearable, at least for me, it was a very fast procedure. It has been five day and I think that it's healing pretty well, the only annoying thing is when it's time to sleep fffuuuuu, I couldn't sleep on my right side and they also recommend not to sleep on the side that you were pierced for the firsts days. Other than that I just have to clean it twice per day, with Saline solution (which is normally used to clean contact lenses) or warm water with salt and the healing process goes from six to eight months.
It cost £15 and since it was my first time, I got a £5 discount voucher, so next time I go I might do my earlobes. 
Do you guys have or like piercings? I also want to do tattoos but that is a bigger investment.

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. Fizeste-me reviver os late 90's aqui pela terrinha...onde também furei as minhas orelhas. Acho que tinha 7 anos, o meu pai não queria que eu furasse as orelhas...go figure! A minha mãe rebelou-se e levou-me a uma das ourivesarias e lá voltei eu para casa de orelhas furadas. Mais tarde, na adolescência, fiz o segundo furo em cada orelha e jurei para nunca mais...estava sempre a ficar inflamado e deixei fechar.


    1. Oi Carina, pois isso é que é mais chato. No meu caso o Piercing até está a sarar bem, daqui a umas semanas já devo ir fazer mais uns hihi.


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