Musical Friday #133

 EN: "Better things are coming" is what I've been telling to myself lately so I keep myself sane. 
Right now I'm on "vacation", one hell of a vacation this is. For these last three days I've been at home, why? Well on Wednesday and Thursday the weather was absolutely crap plus there was an underground strike. Yes the buses were still working but for me the Underground is the best thing. And today, when it's actually sort-of sunny I have to stay at home because of the builders that are fixing the walls and ceiling of the house and now the man just told me that he might have to come back on Monday to finish the job.... REALLY! Another day that I have to spend aaallll day at home? You gotta be kidding me. And I guess is also uncertain if next week there will be another strike or not... ooohhh London.
Other than that, there has been a lot of ups and downs in my life, family members passing away others going to the hospital, so far 2014 kindaaaa kinda sucks, yeah it sucks.

Shakira - Can't remember to forget you feat. Rihanna - New Single - This song should have been part of my last Musical Friday. As simple as the lyrics are, I also can identify myself with them -_-  aahhh life.

Sub Focus - Turn back time

Foxes - Let go for tonight

Matrix & Futurebound - Control feat Max Marshall

Gordon City - Ready for your Love feat. MNEK

Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

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