November's Shopping

Hello everyone! Wow I can't believe we are in December already, isn't that crazy? It's like I say, since the year 2000 came, time feels it flies. Last year by this time, I was preparing my bag for my journey to Mozambique - f.y.i. I will also do a resume of my vacation there - in the meantime I spent 9 months in Prague, now I'm back to Portugal.
Anyways, as we know we are going trough a crises moment in our country - Portugal - financially speaking, so I can't buy everything I want :/. But still I managed to buy a few things this month, things that I actually need it, and here they are.
Ear warmers from Claire's, I been wanting these for a while, and when I saw this one in Black at Claire's "I gotz to haz it!

Picnik collage_1_Seaside
These brown boots are from Seaside. After I left the Sleek MakeUp Focus Group I went to down town Lisbon, and they have like 3 Seasides there, and one of them it only has shoes from the previous collection, at a lower price in order to sale them fast. I am really into these type of boots for this Fall/Winter, it's a good heel, is not too high a bit chunky. I didn't know if I would take these brown boots, or the Black ones with white "fur", 'cause I'm a big fan of Black. but I ended up taken these ones as you can see.

Picnik collage_2_Seaside
And also if I want  I can pull them up. What do you think?

Picnik collage_3
Once on my way home, already in Barreiro, after I left Lisbon, I entered a store mainly to buy something else for my mom, to put cakes and cupcakes but I also found this with 30% off, a body scrub with Bambu shenanigans in it :P


These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U.. 


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  2. Love the boots!
    And great blog, following ^^
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  3. Adorei!! :)

    Saltos de Cristal

    Participa neste passatempo e habilita-te aganhar umas calças da SALSA:

  4. ai as booooooootas <3<3<3 lindas de morrer bolas :D são confortáveis ou por serem mais altas cansam as pernocas e pézinhos? que lindas bolas xD ***

  5. Adorei as botas! mt giras ;)

    xoxo F.

  6. I like ear warmers.



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