This is what happens when you go to Mozambique...

What happens is, you have to pay 60€ for a Visa, take 4 vaccines, plus pay almost 70€ for the medicine, that most of them you only take them IF you get sick. Oh yeah believe me I cried, I cried when the Lady from the Pharmacy told me the price of the medicine.

The one medicine that I HAVE to take without missing, is Mephaquin (Mefloquina), I have to take once a week, starting this week (one week before travelling), the 4 weeks that I'll be there, and then continuing taking for 4 more weeks after I come back to Portugal. 
- Domperidona - In case I feel Nausea or Vomit;
- Loperamida - In case I have Diarrhea -_- ;
- Ciprofloxacina - In case the Loperamida doesn't work, I take these ones that are stronger;
- Redrate - Oral Salts for Hydration , in case I get dehydrated;
- Paracetamol - In case I get a fever;
- Dexaval (Dexametasona) - A cream in case I GET bitten by something,
- Previpiq - An insect repellent, that I have to put on my body thats is not covered by clothes to protect me from the insects (like mosquitoes) so they DON'T bite me and suck my blooooood lol.

Besides all these shenanigans, I took 4 vaccines, one of them was repeated (Hepatitis A) I had to take 2 shots, the 1st one was in October, and the 2nd shot you take a month later, and I took it today. 
The first time I took the Hepatitis A vaccine, I took another 2, yeah 3 shots in one day, mega cocktail, and yes as a secondary effect I had a fever. And when it came, it came HARD >.<

I should start packing now.... but I'm feeling lazy, I hate packing BAH, I never know if what I'm taking is enough, or if I'm gonna need it >.<


  1. better to be safe than ill when you are there! xx

  2. True True, but still is hard paying for all that medicine >.<


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