The IT Boots of 2010's Fall/Winter - Lita from Jeffrey Campbell

Some of you may have notice, other maybe not, but lately I've been seeing these boots in a lot of Fashion Blogs they are called Lita from designer Jeffrey Campbell. They cost about $159,95 , the heel I think is suppose to be almost 13cm high, and the sole almost 6cm. That's pretty high :p

Some of the boots that they have

Some of the Special Edition (Look at those Glitter pair, it totally reminds me of the 70's :p) 

These are my favourite pair, Black Distressed Letter.

If you want to buy any of these Boots you can do it only on this website link .


  1. I love these boots :)

    please visit my blog at www.of-pictorial.blogspot.com

  2. they are high, but they are sooo easy to walk in :) I have the distressed black leather ones! good choice.


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