What to do with this dress?

What am I gonna do with this dress????
I bought this dress this last Summer, it's from H&M, it was something from 5€ to 10€ I don't recall it, but I never wore it.
Mainly because I don't know what to wear it with. I am not the most fashionable girl, but I do know that the colour brown is In this Fall, been seeing alot of girls wearing brown in the Blogs that I follow.
Another doubt that I have is if this dress looks good on me or not, see... my skin colour is brown, and the dress is brown... I feel like the dress would look "blah" on me :S
Any suggestions?


  1. Com umas botas pretas e um fio daqueles todos cheios de bugigangas e cenas pesadas, com um casaquinho preto ou branco e tá feito.... não deixes é o frio apertar senã só o usas no verão outra vez ou na primavera.

  2. Heya. Vou experimentar isso. outras duas raparigas tambem me disseram para usar peças pretas com o vestido, bamos a ber >.< xoxox

  3. I love mixing black and brown this season. Throw on some black tights, chunky boots and a big black cardi or leather jacket :)


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