Vichy - Normadem Anti-Perfection Tri-Activ

I'm subscribed to Vichy's Newsletter. In case you don't know Vichy is a skin care company, they have products for your face, body, and hair (and probably other areas). So I few weeks ago I got a Newsletter on my email, talking about this new product that they have Anti-Perfection Tri-Activ, it's a cream for your face, that you can apply in the morning and at night before going to bed. This cream is suppose to help you with clogged pores, imperfection and redness, irregular relief, and if you have any shinny areas (like Edward from Twilight lol joking) it will help to mattify the skin. It says that you will have positive results in 7 days (well I'll be the judge of that :P).
So I went to their website and applied for a sample, and the sample comes with a 3€ Voucher that you then can use when purchasing the 50ml "bottle". Oh and if you do buy it, you cut the bar code that comes on the 50ml packaging and clue on the voucher (one part of the Voucher is for the Pharmacy where you did the purchase, and the other part is to give back to Vichy company) and apply for a prize to win a Iphone 4, they have like 4 of those Iphones, and they will be giving away. Their system off selection however is like, they have already established that the winners will be the incoming letter like nº 50, 130, 210 etc... get the idea? Yeah, so if your letter when arrives is the 50th, congrats, if it is 49 or 51 oh well >.<
I do admit I'm stupid (at times), when I first saw the clips (in French with Portuguese subtitles) on the Portuguese Vichy's website I though that this was like a cleasing gel, that you apply on your face when is wet, but no it's a cream, so I used the sample on my face when it was wet -_- (p.s.- the sample didn't came with instructions). Only when I went to by the 50ml bottle, I decided to ask the Pharmaceutical Lady some info, and it was when she told me that, I apply that after washing+cleaning my face -_- *epic loser facepalm*.
So let's hope that this CREAM works!

Envelope and the sample of Vichy Normadem Anti-Perfection Tri-Activ.

 The 50ml bottle of Vichy Normadem Anti-Perfection Tri-Activ
(it comes with a pump).

The following clip is in French, this is one of the clips that that I saw, but I saw it on PT Vichy's website with PT subtitles. What the Doctor says, is something to do with the skin care and bla bla, but as I watch what the girl is doing, I thought that she was washing her face with this product >.<

This is the commercial in English.

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