So I was working with my Laptop,for like an hour or so, uploading pictures for another post that I wanted to put here on my Blog, when i decided that I was tired of this little error that sometimes stays stuck on my screen, so what I normally do, is, I close my laptop, and wait 'till it stops (it "hibernates") and I open again, and it's gone.

But this time, I close it, and it still was working, cause the fan was still working, so I open again and the screen shows me this "thing" like I was turning On my Laptop (like a loading thing, with the word Acer, which is the brand of my Laptop), and it gets stuck -_- so I closed the Laptop, and the fan still doesn't stop, so I decided to turn off the Laptop trough the main Power botton... what did I do? I waited a few minutes so that it could cool off, and I turned it on again and SHIT! It says it doesn't find the Operating System or something -_- fucking hell.

As usual I hope that I didnt loose my Pictures, some of them I have them on the external drive, others on a CD/DVD, but still there are a few that I was to lazy to copy to somewhere else.

Great Karen juuuust great -_- joder!


  1. I understand your frustration. I'm absolutely far from being a technical person. And I've been having laptop issues for the last month. It is about to drive me crazy.

  2. Thanks :)
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  3. Hey Ladies, somehow, I don't know how lol, problem solved. On th next day I tried to turn on my Laptop on more time before taking to the technician, and it started working o_O
    Ooohh Technology, how can they say that Computers are gonna take over the world XD

  4. love your blog!!



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