Make up session with Sephora

So if you read a previous post of mine in October, Happy times with Sephora! you will know that I got a "Beauty Salon" voucher. So I booked the appointment for the 31st of October, Halloween’s day. Since Lately I don’t go out much or go somewhere special, and since that voucher had to be used before the end of the year, I decided that Halloween’s Day was a good day to go there, since later that day I was wanna go to my friend’s house and celebrate Halloween with her, her family and our friends.
Anyways back to Sephora, so I got there, and talked to one of the Ladies, and told her that I was there for a free “Beauty Salon” session, and that I had a voucher. Gave her the voucher plus the letter from Sephora that came with it and she told be that the make up was gonna be simple, and that if I wanted something more elaborate I would have to pay extra. O.K.. Then I went with another Lady that was gonna do my make up to her make up balcony.
Bellow, you will see the pictures that I took from the products that were use on me, plus the final result. 
For the first time in my life I used products from Make Up For Ever, Benefit, Too Faced and Cargo.

Make Up For Ever stand

HD High Definition Foundation from Make Up For Ever, shade nº160

Compacted Powder from Benefit, colour Hazelnut

Sculpting Blush from Make Up For Ever, nº14

Eyebrow Pencil from Benefit, in Medium to Dark colour

Not sure what this was exactly, but I think it was some sort of highlight eyeshadow from Benefit 

The eyeshadow palette from Make Up For Ever, I think that the eyeshadows that used were nº 04, 40, 17

Smoky Lash Mascara from Make Up For Ever, in Black

High Pigment Pencil from Cargo, Black eye pencil

Waterproof Lipliner from Make Up For Ever, nº 15C

Glamour Gloss from Too Faced, colour Strip Tease 
(Weird fact, when the Make up Lady put this Lipgloss on my lips she warned me that I was gonna have a fresh feeling on my lips, and I did. Image when you eat one of those extra-mint chewing gums and you have that extra crazy freshness in your mouth, yeah that's how my lips felt.)

In the end she asked me which perfum I liked, I don't own many perfums, and I don't know all the perfums out there :P so I said Britney Spears Fantasy, and she said that they didn't have it anymore, so I said that I like sweet smells.
So she brought two perfums, I don't rememeber the other one, but the one that I picked was this one from Guess by Marciano. And it smells really good.

The Ladies from Sephora, the one on the Left was the one that did my make up

 Me and the Ladies

My eyes

My Lips

 My face >.<

 I enjoyed the experience ^.^
When I got home my mother was like:
- That's it?!? You went there only to do that? You can do that... hell, you can even do it better XD HAHA

Thank you Sephora for the lovely experience!


  1. Yap! Sou forçada a concordar com a tua mãe! Até tu fazias melhor! E sem curso, porque essas bacanas são obrigadas a frequentar o cursinho da maquilhagem e afins....

  2. im OBSESSED with there makeup!! seriously, i could easily drop thousands on that makeup! It really is THE best! : )

  3. wow, i love Make Up Forever ! nice make up by the way :)

  4. i love the make up look , very cute :D



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