What I'm wearing for a wedding.

I’ve been to Mozambique before, back in 2001. I have lots of family over there, from my mother and father side. This time an uncle of my is paying the tickets for me and some other family members that are living in Portugal, to go to Mozambique this December, for his son’s wedding and his 50th anniversary.
Mozambique is on the South Hemisphere of the Earth, so while here in the North we are going from Fall/Autumn to Winter, they are going from Spring to SUMMER :P hehe. Back in August I started looking for a dress to wear on the wedding, I couldn’t leave it and start looking like now in November, cause most of the clothes are going to be winter clothes, and even if I found something that could be use in the Summer or Winter, it could be either ugly or expensive.
Anyways I bought a dress in H&M, its white and dark blue, and after that I was on a big hunt for SHOES! Again the same situation as the dress, I need to find some Summery shoes. That would match the dress, so that would be either blue or white, I found some gorgeous shoes in a store called Seaside, but the problem was that they were tttoooo hiiigh, there was no way I was gonna be able to stay all day with those shoes. So one glorious sunny afternoon, when I was coming back home – from Lisbon to Pinhal Novo – while I was making time for the next bus, I decided to check on a shoe shop at was nearby and *insert angelic music here*, I found the last pair of blue shoes size 37 in the store O_O, if that wasn’t a sign I don’t what the hell it was lol.
The shoes have studs, so I'm still in doubt with the bag, either the white one from Primark or the other one from Aldo, cause it has studs and it matches my shoes.
Aaaaannnd I'm mixing the studs, with fake pears jewlery, huummm good or bad? I know that nowadays is all about mix matching, but there's good mixing and bad mixing.
Sooo let’s go for the pictures now:

H&M dress.

Dark Blue shoes with studs.

White bag from Primark

 Dark greyish blue bag with studs from Aldo

I will use one these earings. Either the one with the flowers that matches one the bracelets cause it has also a flower, or maybe I will use the pair in the middle.

The ring from Primark :p I love big rings.

The two bracelets that I'm going to use. The first one I don't remember the name of the shop I got it from, and the other one is from Primark.

So what do you reken mate? ^.^


  1. Love what you chose! :} I think that the earrings are pretty! love 'international' They always have cheap stuff, but it's very nice.

  2. Thanks for the comments ladies ^^
    Yeah Internationale during sales time is pretty cool. I bought a dress there for 7£ once :P


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