TAG! You're it! 10 things I like/love.

Hi y’all,
So I saw this Tag on Silvia’s Blog and she basically tagged anyone that feels like answering this.
Some of the things that I like, she also likes it, it wasn’t done on purpose, it just means that we have similar tastes on some stuff.

1- Say who Tagged you (In this case it was Silvia);
2- Say 10 things that you like/love the most;
3- Tag 10 people (or more or just leave it “open”).

So here it goes,
1- I like to eat – From Portuguese, to Mozambique, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican…

2- I like watching series and movies – Right now I’m following Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Weeds, How I met your Mother, and Dexter…

3-  I like Skulls – I have a cup, earrings, a necklace, scarf, coat, top, panties lol, and I ain’t gonna stop XD

4-   I love to travel and meet new places – It always been a passion of mine. Besides knowing at least a dozen of cities in my country (Portugal), I’ve been in 4 other countries, Germany, Mozambique, United Kingdom and Spain. And I hope that one day I will have a good job that pays well so that I will be able to travel around a bit.

5-  I like meeting people from other countries – I meet like a hundred of people when I was studying abroad in Nottingham, U.K. for a year.

6-   I looooooooooove music <3 – Dozens of different music genres, of many different languages.

7-   And I also like to dance – If a nightclub passes good music I can dance for hours.

8-   I like Anime – cartoons from Japan.

9-   I like taking photos – I always try to bring my camera with me, whenever I have family gatherings, go out at night, to a house party, to a nightclub or whatever. But I feel like I need a new camera, a smaller one, but still with a good quality. It’s just easier to carry a smaller camera when I go out at night.

10-    I love cuddling – Yeah I like it :p I love being with a guy and just simply cuddling on the sofa or in bed ^.^

(Sorry I didn't have a picture of myself cuddling with someone, so I just picked up this pic on Google :p)

So I hope you enjoyed my Tag, and I Tag anybody that sees this and feels like sharing their taste to me. Feel free to link me back with your Tag, so that I can see it.


  1. We have some things in common! I love music, food, anime, taking photos, and traveling! My favorite shows include SUPERNATURAL and Dexter.


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