In need of a haircut...

The last time I cut my hair was in August, and in December I’m going to Mozambique for a wedding, aaaand my hair is starting to have split ends, so yeah cutting time!
Lately I’ve been thinking of doing a Blunt fringe (again). The last time I tried it was back in 2005 (I think). The thing is, when I did it, at the hair salon of course, it look good, but I’m not rich to go to the hairdresser every time I wash my hair, so when I had to take care of the fringe myself, disaster! :S My I say that back then, I only had a crappy blow dryer and my brush, nowadays, I have 2 good blow dryers, a good flat iron, heat protectors, wax, hair spray, so maybe it will work this time around.
Another thing that I’m concerned with is how it is going to look on me. I’m not sure if my face shape is either Oval or Round, and I’ve been googling about hairstyles, and they say that people with Oval faces, have what is considered the perfect shape, they can get away with any hairstyle, and can wear the Blunt fringe with no problems. But people with Round faces should STAY WAY from the Blunt fringe >.< oh oohhhh.
I will ask the Hairdresser, although I kinda have a bit of a trauma with Hairdressers. One time, I asked the woman to cut my hair on the back straight (no layer on the back at all), so she washed my hair, cutted, blow dried, and straightened, and they she showed to me, but at the time I didn’t notice, only like 2WEEKS LATER, when I decided to straight my hair by myself, I noticed that on side the hair till a bit over my shoulder and the other side was close to my boob o_O .
Another time, different hair salon, I wanted layers on the front of my hair, and again the whole shenanigans, washed, cut, dry it, straightened, saw it and it looked good, it was only later (don’t remember how long it took me to notice) that I notice that AGAIN, one side was layered, and the other was cut straight, like WTF MAN! -_-
Soooo yeah, lots to think about. Plus I might dye my hair black again, I can see my roots and so parts of the hair, the color is fading away and looking a bit reddish.

So let’s see some pictures now :P

 For a while I wanted side swept bangs, Emo style. but I ended up with a pice of hair to the side >.< (P.S.: I'm the girl in the middle)

These are some of the Blunt fringes that I like. Some are clean straight cut, other a bit more messy looking.

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