Little Shopping

Today I went to Lisbon with my mother, and after taking care of stuff, but after we done that we decided to hit the stores since we were in Lisbon. So we went to one of to many Shopping Malls in Lisbon, called Vasco da Gama, and I bought a couple of things.

Dar Pink Bra from H&M - It use to be 9.95€ and noow it is 5€

Black Lace Shirt/Dress from H&M - 17.95€
Yeah I know it was a bit pricy, but I couldn't let it go, I was stupid not to buy one of these when I was in the U.K.. Every store had one, and I thought that in Portugal would be the same, welll not quite.

Black short-sleeved Shirt from Zara - 7.95€ 
The second picture is a close up of the detail of the sleeve, the shirt is black, although in the picture came out grey.

White long-sleeved Shirt from Zara - 9,95€

Shampoo Corine de Farme - Karité Butter (750ml) - 4,59€
This is one thing that I'm exited to try. Me and my Mom we were looking for a Shampoo to buy. Fisrt we were looking at the Pantene's one and the big bottle of 500ml I think, was about 5,36€, and then we came across this brand, that I never saw before. The brand is Corine de Farme and is made with Karité Butter, and is for Hairs that are very dry and damaged, and it's suppose to make your hair extra soft and repair and protect. 
I will the judge of that later this week, but I do know that Karité Butter is suppose to be good for hair, and I don't think I ever tried anything with Karité Butter in it, so this is a good opportunity :p I will let you know if it really works or is jus shenanigans.



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