GET OUTTA MY WAY, cause I haz spiked heelzzzz :P

Kylie Minogue has a single called "Get outta My Way" that was released this year, and at 1:25m into the video she has these Golden spkied anckle boots :O they...are.. tooo.. DIE FOOORRRR >.<
The Designer of these master pieces is Christian Louboutin, God bless him :P
Christian Louboutin Official Website is http://www.christianlouboutin.com/

 The Silver version of the boots, that I can not find in Christian Louboutin's official Website
Bridget's Back Black (my favourite pair)
Bridget's Back Gold 


  1. i love the studded booties!


  2. I love things with Studs and spikes >.<
    And the black booties are my favourite hehe

  3. I want those shoes!!! although im pretty sure i wouldnt be able to walk in them! lol x

  4. Vicki, you and me both XD they are so high haha


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