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EN: Hello everyone! Today I bring you some news! My Blog has a new partner! :D Say uuwwhhaattt!
Is still hard to believe, but it’s 100% fo real!
So about a month ago I got an email from a company called The Original Skin, actually not one, but two, my fault, the first email got “lost” in the middle of dozens of other emails that I receive per day, too many subscriptions… anyways, so I noticed the second email and I was like “Is this for real?” :O.
So I will start explaining. The Original Skin is a fast growing company, a clothing label based in London, England – you guys know how much I love London - they currently have an online store, for the moment with 4 designs of T-Shirts and some accessories. About a month ago they only had those T-Shirts design for men, but now they have it for women as well!  
Now about the collection, the current one is called “Nostalgia”, the designs were meticulously produced and designed by The Original Skin creative team. Let me show you some of the T-shirts that they have – the definitions of the designs belong to The Original Skin.

"Our first design recalls the rich yet ever evolving history of printed media. We
believe there is something romantic about our use of language, something that conveys
meaning, just like identity and personal style. Language is after all a statement. "
Rosa Parks
"Our second bold design is that of the inspiration historical figure of Rosa Parks. A key civil rights activist in the United States, fighting oppression and the lack of civil
liberties. In our collection - Rosa Parks is seen upholding a quote from Nietzsche, a
globally renowned German philosopher, stating “Laundry is the only thing that should be
separated by color”. This piece aims to bring about bold feelings of how many people
struggled and indeed do still struggle in the fight against prejudice."
"Our third unique design is that entitled, “Octopus” - Yes we know... Original
right?! Looking back through the age of discovery and the blending of cultures across the
globe. This illustration, a memory of what was deemed to be a mystical, yet beautiful
creature, is a throwback to when we found beauty in the unknown. The same is true
today. There will always be beauty in exploration and adventure."
Pin Up
"Our fourth piece is that entitled “Pin-up”, A woman sits provocatively
contemplating the the men who joust around, with humour as their tool, vying for her
attention. This bold design is a statement to how we as people can be empowered. This
rather cheeky design is something we feel captures the very essence of  humor and
desire. A truly inviting piece."

This is a collage that I made with the help of Polyvore and PicMonkey websites.
Needless to say that my favourite T-Shirts is the one with the Octopus. What do you think guys?
Nostalgic-Karen Ussene

And you guuyyysss all T-shirts have a -50% discount RIGHT NOW! If you like anything go and get! Just follow the link!

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures, they belong to The Original Skin.
The Collage was made at Polyvore.


  1. Não conhecia, mas são mesmo giras e originaiss!:)

    Beijinhos querida

  2. Wow, such cool t-shirts!! Beijo

    http://nobresonho.blogspot.pt/ - Giveaway

  3. Oi, adorei as estampas das camisetas, a pin up é muito estilosa, minha favorita, beijos

  4. Beautiful t-shirts!!!
    I gave you a Like on Facebook! I'm very happy if you give me Like too.
    Have a nice day! and my G+ for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  5. Hi lovely, my facebook is at the end of the blog! is new ...

  6. Adorei as t-shirts *_*


  7. great post!! loooe these t-shirts!!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!!


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