Dream House #5

"Office spaces are very wonderful for the office spaces", silly joke that only very few people will know where it's from :P.
Sooo yeah today Dream House post is about Office Rooms. I can not tell you how ttiiired I am of my computer desk. Is 11 years old, it's in cherry wood and it doesn't go with the rest of the whiteness of my bedroom!
When I moved in to this apartment with my parents, in my bedroom I had two things in white (bed and wardrobe) and two things in cherry wood (a bookcase and my desk). Years have passed and now my bedroom has more white furniture and the only thing "ruining" my bedroom is my desk!
Now what I really wish is that we had an extra room in our house just for an office. I really wish one day if I manage to have my own house that I can have a room just for the office, I no longer fancy the idea of having a desk in a bedroom. I want to have a bedroom just to sleep (and what not) and a office so that I could do my work at, get it? The two together just screams messy because I have so much stuff! BAH!

Source: houzz.com via Karen on Pinterest

After seeing a bunch of pictures I came to three conclusions:
1- I want my desk to be white or black.
2- I want my desk to have a glass top.
3- I fancy the idea of having shelves over my desk.

I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. There were found on Google and Pinterest.


  1. que casa de sonho mesmo ! adorei aquela salinha verde menta :)
    Beijinhos Grandes <3


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