July's Resume #8 @Prague

The view from my apartment in Prague.
For those that are new to my Blog I will quickly explain. Last year for 9 months I lived in Prague, Czech Republic, and I wanted to document my experience here, but I failed to do it on a regular bases, so I’m trying to catch up! Soooo let’s go!

The month of July was actually pretty boring. One of my closest friends Plami had finished her internship in June, so I had lost my Wingman, or in this case Wingwoman :(. So most of my time was spent home-work-work-home, I did went to parties and what not, but for some reason I didn't carry my camera that much o_O. Plus must of the month I was home aloooone, because my house mate was out for a Summer vacation.
- On the 1st of July at our work we had some free cakes, cookies and fruit in order to thanks us for our good job during the crises season.
- On the 2nd of July it was an early Birthday celebration of my dear house mate Aya. Her Birthday is actually on the 30th of July but since she was going back home (Japan) for her Summer vacation she decided to celebrate it before she left. And so we did. There is bar/restaurant not to far from our house and they have this massive backyard, so we grilled some food, ate a lot, played ping pong and other games, the only sad thing was the weather, such a pity, it was grey :( otherwise would have been perfect. Oh I should mention that my house mate Aya, she is a ballet dancer, and so are most of the people that came to her Bday.

Aya Bday_1Aya Bday_2

- Two weeks later, yeah that's how boring it was this month, on the 15th after work me and some colleagues went to another colleague's house for some drink after our night shift and then I went home.
- On the next day, the 16th we met up again after or night shift at our friend's house for some drinks and then decided to hit the clubs! The chosen one for the night was the Karlovy Lázne. Apparently the biggest club in Europe o_O. It has about 5 dance floors as I recall, all with different types of music and the entrance was about 150 Czech Crowns, which is about 6 Euros, and totally worth it! We stayed there basically till the end I guess, it closes at 5AM, and when we left I remember the sky was light sooo yeah, defo wanna go there again if I return to Prague.
- The 22nd of July was time for another colleague to finish his internship. This time was Bruno's time a luso-french boy. That night after a very claustrophobic house gathering we went to Retro Music Hall and this night.... uuuffff... was one of thoooose night... you may know the kind... the type of night that crazy stuff happens and everybody drinks waaayy toooo much, yeah! I left the club at 5AM.... What can I say I love Prague's clubs!
At Retro_July

- At last on the 29th after work we went to a nearby bar called Moskito for some drinks another colleague was leaving, Francoise, and then we and some colleagues went to Mattias house because it was his Birthday, so we drank and had some cake and hit the clubs this time was Nebe. I love the music in Nebe but the space to dance it can be quite limited, at least in this Nebe, close to the Námestí Republiky Metro station, because I've be in at least 2 of them and I think there is suppose to be a third one.

Hope you enjoyed it. I have another 2 month to share with you guys plus a final post doing like a overall evaluation of my experience what I like and didn't like :).

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These pictures were taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..
Except the ones from Retro, that were found at Retro Music Hall's Facebook Page.


  1. looks like Prague is an awesome city to visit! great post! thanks for sharing these photos and your experience with us!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  2. Hi sweetie!
    You're blog is so interesting, wanna follow each other?
    These pictures are great, seems that you had an amazing summer!!

  3. A minha amiga e eu encontramos o blog dela faz uns anos,virou tema de conversa e ficavamos sempre ansiosas para o novo look dela.Ela surpreende e não complica muito no que veste.
    Que bela experiência esta,boa sorte para os teus amigos que já acabaram o tempo de "erasmus" (digamos).bjs

    1. Oi Missy, Foi uma boa experência, tenho saudades do pessoal de Erasmus >.<

  4. It looks and sounds like Prague is amazing. I truly hope I can visit it someday. Love all of your photos.

    1. Yes defo try it, I don't think you will regret it, just don't go during winter, to much snow >.<.

  5. Wow! I just started reading your blog and I love it! I need to catch up hehe :) Prague looks amazing and it looks like you had a pretty amazing time as well :)


    ps. Thank you for the comments on my blog! I am a new follower :) Hope you will follow back :)


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