Musical Friday #68

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Hello everyone! Sooo Autumn/Fall has officially arrived hein? Should have kept my mouth shut on last week Musical Friday in where I talked about the fact that Autumn/Fall was starting and it was still hot. Well... that has changed. These rainy days I just feel like eating, like I shared with you on my last post.
Anyways this week I went to the Doctor and I'm gonna do some general check-ups exams plus I will have to do an X-Ray because of my right wrist,  it has been hurting me on and off since July and I have no idea what I have done in order for this to happen :S.
Other than that this week I gave away some clothing items that I no longer used to some of my mom's school classmates - Oh yeah my mom is in cooking school -, and since Portugal is suffering from some massive economic issues, and since I had clothes that no longer fit me or I simply didn't like them, why not give it to someone in need, right?
Plus since it's Friday, as always it's the day I do my house cleaning, vacuuming, mopping the floor, cleaning the dust bla bla bla and since I was in a tidy up mood I decided to attack a cupboard of mine and throw some bunch of paper away. It is amazing that no matter how much stuff I throw away... things never seem emptier haha -_-. Funny I found some oooooold agendas of mine and wow, I read some of them before putting the bag and came to the conclusion that my 6º grade plus early 7º grade in school, were awful! Surely don't miss that specific time in my life. Girls can be really mean -_-.
Have a good weekend!

Jake Bugg - Two Fingers- New Single - Now I never heard of this band before, I was just jumping from video to video on Youtube and came acrross them. On the first few seconds of the video I wa slike "This feels familiar" and after the bus passes I see NOTTINGHAM!!!!! I went bananas XD. Because in 2009/10 I did of Erasmus in Nottingham, aahhhh good times :).

No Doubt - Push and Shove feat. Busy Signal, Major Lazer - New Single

Lawson - Standing in the dark - New Single

Nina Nesbitt - Boy - New Single - Another musician I discovered while jumping around in Youtubeland. I really enjoy this song.

The Killers - Runaway

Dead Sara - Weatherman

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  1. Great photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like this!
    Have a good day!!!
    Angela Donava

    Boa escolha!hihih
    Beijinhos Karen***

  3. Great songs, especially I love The Killers "Runaway" :) I'm following you now :)


  4. my dear this post is adorable, and you have an amazing blog
    i'd love to follow each other with gfc and bloglovin,
    kisses from,


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