Charlize Theron - J'adore Dior Commercial 2011

Have you seen the new Dior commercial for the perfum J'adore Dior? Once again it counts with the participation of Charlize Theron, and this time she hits the runways. What I mean is on the video, you see her walking on a rush to get somewhere, and then you realize is for a Fashion show. While she is at the backstage dressing up, you see other models aswell, that resemble other old famous celebrities (actresses, models), one of them is Marilyn Monroe. Which still leaves me confuse, on the first take, that Monroe appears saying "Dior" it looks like really her, like they took that scene from a movie or something and put it there, but on the second scene, when she takes the perfum, it looks like someone, dressed up / maked uped, like Marilyn Monroe.

There use to be another video, with Charlize Talking about her experience with this commercial, but the video became private -_-.


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