Quick post! #2

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posts. This is my last week in Prague, and I have already finished my internship. On the 18th of September I'm returning to Portugal.
This week I've been kinda busy, slowly packing (hate packing), I'm gonna have to pay extra luggage -_-, enjoying a bit of Prague before I leave, and also trying to make some decisions about my future.
This week at my home University in Lisbon, Portugal, has opened the "competition" for the Leonardo Da Vinci program.
For those that are nor familiar with the LDV program, is basically the possibility to do an internship in another European country. It´s basically a program similar to the one that I´m doing now, that is called something like Erasmus Long Life Experience (that goes from 3 to 12 months, internshiping somewhere in Europe, but the scholarship is a bit small), the Da Vinci, is always 6 months, normally from February till June, doing an internship aswell somewhere in Europe, and the scholarship is a liiiiitle bit bigger.
Soooo I have to decide if I wanna do it or not, and where, and FAST! Since I´m not in Portugal is hard for me to apply, ´cause is only during this week. And on the next week that follows will be the face to face interview, to help with the selection of the students that can do Da Vinci.
Soooo iwsh me luck, and talk to you all soon. xoxo



  1. I wish you good luck, shushuuuuu! The very best of luck :* xoxo

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