I'm baaacccckkkk!

Hello everyone! Long time no write/talk/interact with you guys >.<. I didn't even had time to say a proper goodbye or see ya later, before I went on my vacation, travelling a bit around Europe!
AH it was amazing, of course with lots of ups and downs, and I discovered that I'm a very stressed out and negative person when something doesn't go right, luckily my boyfriend is the opposite of me, we are like Yin Yang. Soon I will try to do a resume of my holidays from each city I've been in, which were basically six, although some I have more to say then other, you will see why.
In the mean time, I have a loooooooooooooot to catch up with, Emails, Blogs that I follow, and then house duties, hhuumm huuumm, and soon I will start packing to return to Portugal. My intership in Prague is almost over, *uff*. I will miss the people that I work with, and met over here, but I certainly won't miss the job that I was doing here.... I wish to never have to work for a Call Center ever again....

Anyways.... have you notice Blogger's new feature?
Old display of Blogger

New display of Blogger
 Do you like it? Or you prefer the old format? I still have to test drive it a bit more.
Ok then, now back to my house duties, since this my day off, and the next one is only after 5 days of work -_-.


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  1. Welcome back! I guess the new feature is fine over all, but in the end, I went back to the old one because I'm so used to it haha


  2. Ok!!! Super!!!
    Angela Donava

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  4. Hello!

    Thanks for the comment :)

    Following you from Portugal*


  5. thanks for the visit! I'm loving the new image of the Blogger for now :)



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