Musical Friday #17

Hello everyone?
Today I decided to try Blogger's new layout - that I talked bit about it here - and start getting use to it.
I finished most of the unpacking, now is just little stuff here and there, but probably I still need to do some changes in my bedroom because of it. I've been all week at home dealing with the unpacking, I've only been out of the house 3 times >.<.
UH! next Monday it's my Leonardo Da Vinci internview, uuufffff wish me luck guys, fingers crossed!

AND OH! I remembered than I forgot...bad me... but my Blog is 4 years old (since August 2007)... oohhh yeah. But I admit, I've only been more active on it, since 2010. So Happy Delay-B-Day for my Blog! Let's Celebrate with some Music.
Have a nice weekend!


Jennifer Lopez - Papi - I'm terrible with these little details XD at 4:05m you clearly see JLo with a certain type of shoes, pretty big heels ... but that changes at 4:16m, with the same coloured shoes, but the heel is waaay much smaller >.< But in overall I like the video... specially when she looks like "scared" "wtf is going on" :P

Leona Lewis / Avicii - Collide


Natalia Kills - Free ft. will.i.am - Do you know the Fashion Blogger The Chimuse? Tell me if Natalia doesn't look like her.

Breathe Carolina – Blackout

J. Cole - Can't Get Enough (Clean Version) ft. Trey Songz


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