Morning Desires #1

Good morning everyone. Before I rush up for work... again -_-... here's a little post.

In one of the Zara's in Barcelona (I don't if there are more, but probably YES! lol), there was a blazer, with this same colour "yellow mustard", and it was love at first sight. It had the shape, format, model, whateva you wanna call it, of a blazer, but it was for Winter. So is not the exact item that you see on the image below... the  blazer that I saw is shorter in lenght, but for some reason I can not find it on the Zara website o_O. So I used this image just for you to have an idea of the colour. My interest for yellow mustard, actually started last Fall/Winter, I don't remember if I saw something that colour, or just simply woke up with the idea "hhuummmm yellow mustard... would go so nicely with some dark blue denim jean, or or or with camel or dark brown huuuummm mmuuussstaaarrddd *Hommer Simpson's face :D*". For a while I was one a hunt for a like a mustard scarf, but I couldn't find anything... well at least that I could afford. 
Image for Zara.com
And then you have the new model of Jeffrey Campbell's, Lita... this man is a machine >.< I wonder if he will ever stop doing them.
Image from Tobi.com


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  1. Gosto do casaquinho e lá está, especialmente da cor!
    Não sei é o que dizer desses... sapatos ortopédicos da 2ª foto!

  2. I love it, great pictures

    thanks, a big kiss.
    Greetings from Peru.


  3. Realmente o casaco é demais.
    Vê lá se é este: http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/pt/pt/zara-W2011/126502/518036/CASACO%2BDUPLA%2BABOTOADURA

    Sara Alves Corceiro

  4. I love that jacket and those shoes. So perfect for fall.

  5. ahh love that yellow coat, such a lovely color!! and those JC litas are amazing <3

  6. I really love Jeffrey Campbell shoes , I´m sure that evereybody looks great with those! :D


  7. I also love mustard for fall! That jacket is amazing!

  8. nice post!!! pass to my blog and follow :)

  9. these posts are amazing darling i really love the coat as well and the jeffrey campbell are perfect!!kisses sweetie


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