Joss Stone almost got murdered

Yep you heard me (read me). I was reading some websites this morning, I read this and I was massively shocked! UUUUWWWHHHHAAAAATTTTT?????
The suspects are Junior Bradshaw (30) and Kevin Liverpool (33) both of them live in Manchester. On the trunk of the car they had Samurai sword (wtf?), rope, one of those bags to put bodies inside, maps of the area, with things written like "Kill, steal, money in the safe" and "find a river to dump the body" :O.
Luckily one of the neighbors noticed a suspicious red Fiat Punto car, driving around the area, and  he called the Police. The guys were caught, and now the case is under investigation.
God Bless that neighbor! If it wasn't for him, we would probably have a different news topic about Joss :(


  1. OH MU GOSh what is WRONG with people nowadays??? :O
    Thank God she is ok!!

  2. Nossa não acredito nisso, os caras realmente queriam matar a Joss, com espadas samurai o.o
    Que caras loucos, Deus abençoe esse vizinho.
    Obrigada por comentar lá no meu blog.

  3. Que mau! :/ ainda n sabia disto..

    xoxo F.

  4. I heard about this and it is CRAZY! They had a layout of her house and had high-tech ninja style weapons. I am really glad the neighbors called this in. She is a wonderful singer and I am sure a wonderful person as well.

    On another note, thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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