Mommy Mommy I'm on TV! well... internet :P

Soooooo I'm doing an Internship over here in Prague, for a Company called BlueLink.... aaaaanndd I was invited to participate in a video, like a publicity video, to promote the Company.
Check out the videos if you want. I’ll be the girl speaking in Portuguese named Karen Ussene with a orangy red shirt XD.
Oh geeeZAUS! haha 

"Long" version

BlueLink from Prague Camera on Vimeo.

Short version

BlueLink - Excerpt from Prague Camera on Vimeo.

Videos belongs to BlueLink (http://www.bluelinkservices.com/en.html)
Filmed by : Prague Camera (http://vimeo.com/user4207786)

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  1. Ahahahaha, tás muita gira! Confessa, tu antes de fazeres isto estiveste a ver na net o "Olhój abiõnz la atráj" :D


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