Quick post! #1

Hello everyone!
First of all I would like to thank for all the comments. I will reply as soons as I can.
And I would like to say welcome to my new blog followers. Hope that you enjoy your time over here, visit it when you can, leave a comment if you feel like it :).
This as been so far a very exhausting week at work, these 3 last days I had different shifts schedules. Jobs in which you have crazy bananas shifts, for my point of viewr, are only good if you are young, and still trying to get a work experience, if you are a part-timer (like study and work), or you have 2 jobs and you want to have 2 incomes on the end of the month, other than this, I can't handle this very well. After doing this type of Call-Center Service, I do not wish to do this again, unless I don't have another option, of course.

I'm so bloody tired, today I entered at 7:15am (or a bit late, whateva) and when I left at around 4pm, I was tired, I bought some stuff, and caught a tram home, I normally catch a metro than tram which is faster, but apparently there was an accident in the Metro line, MY GREEN METRO LINE *FACE PALM*, someone was pushed or committed suicide, so they cut the like for the whole day -_-. So I did the journey all by tram, and I was sleepy, people probably tought that I was drunk -_- I was doing my best to be awake, but it was so hard to keep my eyes open, I was tired, it was sunny hot, the tram was taking so long (traffic), somehow when I got out of the tram, I manage to awake up, I guess it was the monotony of the journey that was putting me like that.
Anyways, hasta mañana, I'm gonna watch another episode of Sex and the City - I'm on season 4 now - and then sleppy time.

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  1. I'm a new follower, and I enjoy having you in my blog list. :-)

    More power to your blog!

    Much love from Mystic Nymph


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