Musical Friday #6

Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory -New Single - nnnnnnnnnn nah.... sorry Gaga. I love you, but like we say in Portuguese, "este video deixa muito a desejar".

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)- New Single - Now this was a fun video! You might notice that Rebbecca Balck is in it aswell :D (It's Friday Friday gotta down on Friday!). My favourite part is at 3:40, Katy's body looks like a Barbie doll :p

Kery Hilson - Lose Control feat. Nelly 

T-Pain feat Chris Brown - Best Love Song - Wait...... is that Miley Cirus? o_O

Robyn - Call your Girlfriend - New Single - Yeeaahhh look at her, going all Tectonic style at 2:30 BOOYAH!


  1. De facto, o novo video da Lady é muito pouco "gagaguiano".

  2. Eu até nem desgosto, então do vestuário nem comento, simplesmente fenomenal :)

    Estou-te seguindo ;)

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang


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