Sex and the City FAIL!

I decided to start watching Sex and the City, I've seen the movies, but never (maybe 2 or 3 episodes) seen the series. So far so good, you sure do learn a couple of things about women, men, and relationships.
Today I saw Episode 13 from the 2nd season, and boy what a FAIL! You can see the reflection of the filming crew on the TV, oh boy!
Have you ever seen the series? Do you like it? Did you ever learn anything from it?


  1. Knowledge in this kind of tv show’s is difficult they’re pure entertainment.
    But is fun the error.

  2. I can not believe that until now have not seen Sex and the City!! I saw the season in his time, I have all seasons and from time to time I do marathons SEX AND THE CITY consisting see chapter after chapter for hours and see all as replacements to put on TV. I never tire of watching the series but have seen it a million times! and if I've learned a lot! kisses and enjoy the show. You will not regret. ;)

  3. Oh that is indeed awkward for them. Hahah, you have a good eye. I really loved the series, it was glamorous and funny and romantic, I loved the way Carrie narrates, I actually like that I can learn bits and pieces of life.

  4. ahahahah saw all the series and didn't notice that at all!

  5. Das séries mais divertidas que eu já vi.
    Qualquer mulher que goste de ser mulher... que é feminina, geralmente gosta da série! Acho que vais curtir bué!

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  7. Ah, e sim, aprendes sobre muitas coisas. Sentimentos, relações, moda, amizade... enfim coisas que todas as mulheres gostam, abordadas de forma muito leve e divertida.

  8. ThaTs my Addictionnnnn
    I <3 sex and the city!


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