Musical Friday #7

Linkin Park – Iridescent [HD] – from Transformers : Dark of the Moon (3) – Since I’ve heard this song it made me go listen to all Linkin Park’s CDs :3

Steven Tyler - (It) Feels So Good – Nicole Scherzinger -What's the purpose of a Rock singer to go solo? If he is gonna sing the same style of music while solo?

Papa Roach - No Matter What - OMG they are still alive? :O lol

The Vaccines - All In White (Explicit)

Cold Cave - Villains Of The Moon

 Have a nice weekend Y'all! :)


  1. Simply love Linkin Park.. I know what you mean about nicole going solo, but at the same time she was the only singer in the group so i guess the style couldnt change much?!..


  2. Realmente só vejo uma boa razão para o Steven Tyler editar um album a solo: os royalties vão todos pra ele :D

  3. Adoro Linkin Park, a música está lindaa!

  4. Love that linkin park song ! It's amazing that over the years, their soind has evolved so much and still is true to it's essence. It's definitely one of my fave band, even if right now I can't ger enough of Muse !

  5. Linkin park is one of my favourite groups too.

  6. hello honey!thank you so much for your comment!great post by the way!lots of kisses Nandia!

  7. i love love love linkin park !!!!!!!!! i love all their transformers songs, thanks for a lovely post : )


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