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EN: Hello everyone. First of all yes I am back from my vacation, I've been back now for about almost two weeks. Those of you that might follow me on Instagram or Snapchat might have seen a bit of my journey other than that I will eventually do a blog post about it, I just don't know if I do it all in one go or separate it.

Okay let's jump into the actual post which is about Mally Beauty Makeup. From what I gathered Mally Roncal is actually a Make-Up Artist. She was initially a pre-med student and then changed to fine-arts and then went from working for a Fashion designer to become a freelance Makeup Artist with clients like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé until she created her own makeup line Mally in 2005.
The products that I've have were a Christmas gift that my cousin gave me. It contains a Face Defender Boost which I still don't understand what it is, a Strobe Cream basically a highlighter, a Waterproof Eyeliner, Volumizing Mascara, Shadow Stick and a Lipstick.
Mally MakeUp

Let's start with the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost - uuufff that's a long name - according to the official website it says "...gives your skin a natural boost of warmth for healthy, glowing skin. This matte, lightweight formula offers a perfect finish for your make-up, while giving an instant warming glow. It works to diffuse the look of pores, minimize fine lines, and help your make-up last longer, giving a flawless-looking matte finish. Face Defender Boost comes in one universal shade made to suit all complexions.",on the website is classified as a Primer/Finisher, honestly I do not understand how can this be a universal shade if even now that I have a mega tan it still doesn't suit me is too dark and orangy, Ican only use it as a bronzer and even so ssssssssshhhhhhhh not perfect.
Retal Price $37.00.
Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp

The Strobe Cream, I am still quite a newbie when it comes to highlighters/strobe creams (same difference) this one as the name says it's a cream product and the thing with this type of product you have to be careful when applying it because you might move a bit of your foundation when you apply this. I don't think I see it much on my cheekbones but the other day I applied to the inner corners of my eyes and it was quite nice, I might used it as an eyeshadow instead.
Retail Price N/A.
Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp

Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner in "Sailor" it is a nice and creamy formula and that's it really. I don't have watery eyes, every time I used it, it stayed in place.
Retail Price $18.00.
Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp

Volumizing Mascara in "Black" I've been using this mascara lately and I quite like it. I might not be the best judge for mascara because even though is says is volumizing I really don't care because I wear glasses, so things like that in the end be bad because my lashes will touch my lenses even more and that's annoying. But the volume is not that dramatic but the reason I like it it's because it separate my eyelashes and it is proper black.
Retail Price$20.00.
Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp

The Shadow Stick Extra is in the colour "Over The Taupe" and is a lovely colour but is something that probably will be better for someone that is more paler/lighter than me. It doesn't stand out on my skin colour. 
Retail Price $25.00 (on Sale $18.75).
Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp

H3 Gel Lipstick in the colour "Orchid", the H3 stands for Hydration, Hydration, Hydration and it's a Gel Lipstick instead of a tradition Wax Lipstick. Apparently will help your lips to be smoother and softer for longer. I haven't used it that many times but I can say I really like the shape of it I think different.
Retail Price $21.00
Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp Mally MakeUp

In conclusion if you buy the gift set you definitely will save a lot of money. I know that it is being sold at QVC U.K. for about £53.00 (current price, it might have been cheaper during last Christmas).

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..

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  1. Não conheço essa marca, parece um kit muito interessante :)


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