Movie List #3

EN: I can't believe we are already in June. In the beginning of the year I made a list of all the movies I want to see this year. So basically at least once a month I will be in the cinema this year. So far that matter my boyfriend and I look for way to safe a bit of money, either use two for one tickets day, or use some voucher codes, whatever helps.
And just a little story about myself, I'm quite the fussy cinema goer. If I go to the cinema I don't wanna hear talking, is one thing to share something quick with your partner but to have a full on conversation NO. I don't like people that eat loudly with their mouths open, WHY, JUST WHY? People that don't let go of their phones specially the ones that don't even mute them. Ideally I don't like people sitting next to me (unless is someone that I know), or in front of me, the way that some cinema rooms are designed the seat behind is not elevated enough and the head in from of me annoys me... but I digress....
Here is some of the movies that I already seen except for the last one.
Deadpool (February) - Back in 2009 there was a movie called Wolverine - Origins and one of the biggest issue of that the movie was what they done with the character Deadpool, which funny enough was also represented by Ryan Reynolds. I can safely this version of Deadpool is much better but how close it is to the original Comic Books stories I don't know, I will leave that to the hard-core fans.
Deadpool is part of the Marvel family but the style of movie is a bit more graphic but I enjoyed that.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (March) - Me plus a million of other people have been waiting for this movie. I saw so many trailers that I felt I already knew everything about the movie, I just needed to know the end. Like I explained before I am a complicated person when it comes to cinemas and this movie was not only long I had to deal with a little kid and his parents/grandparents behind me that wouldn't shut up. Maybe that affected me in order to enjoy the movie or just simple like a movie critic said, there was just too many things happening in this movie, they could have easily make five separate movies. But they decided to squeeze everything into one movie.

Captain America: Civil War (May) - OMG This movie was so good. The Best Captain America movie even better than the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

X-Men: Apocalypse (May) - Another movie that I was very exited to see was X-Men: Apocalypse. This one is set 10 years after the X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), for the most part I enjoyed the movie, I just wish they could have gone more in details with certain carathers but oh well.

War of Warcraft (May) -  Now I never played the game, so I know close to nothing here, I saw this movie more because of my boyfriend but in the end I ended up enjoying it more the movie than he did haha.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (May) - This one is next on the list to see and I just realised, the caterpillar Absolem is played/voiced by Alan Rickman ;(.

What movies have you seen or can't wait to see this year? Soon I will have another list this year is on FIRE!

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