Musical Friday #69

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Hello everyone, how was your week?
Today is the 5th of the October, which for Portugal means, Independence Day - in a few words it means that in 1910 we stopped being a Monarchic and became a Republic. And we normally have a ceremony and raise the country's flag bla bla bla aaand something happened, has our President rose the flag.... it was upside-down -.- *sigh*. You can see the picture here.
In the Portuguese Bloggers community, during this week the Anna Dello Russo collection for H&M arrived to Portugal, there was like a small event thing in Lisbon at night in order for some Portuguese Bloggers to appear and you know the deal, they take pictures, drink and eat some stuff and sometimes are able to buy things before everybody else.... but apparently things didn't go so well. I read like at least 5 Blogs about this event and all of them in a way said the same... EVERYTHING WAS GONE! I guess by the time some Bloggers arrived to the H&M shop, some of them arrived 10 minutes after the event had started others 20 minutes, and basically everything was gone, there were other people there and they bought everyyything... there was barely anything left... And they say this country is in a crisis ppfffff -.- lol. Some of the pieces, like a necklace and a belt they cost about 99€, NINETY NINE EUROS! I'm hoping that they're pure gold... either that or at least that the colour doesn't come out with time.
Other than that... I got rid of some more clothes that I don't use and some other papers shenanigans... this is an ongoing process for me till like forever haha.
Have a nice weekend and I hope the new followers (as well as the previous) enjoy the music selection.

Azealia Banks - 1991 - New Single - I can not tell you how much I enjoy Azealia's songs. The beat of the songs remind me of the 90's, so the title of the song fits perfectly hehe, and I guess it was when Azealia was born. I am a child from the late 80's but I looove the music from the 90's hehe.

Christina Aguilera - Your Body - New Single - What can I say, her voice it always been amazing, regarding her looks, I'm not the one to judge... but that black dress almost at the end of the video is dangerously sexy haha, look that booty shake when she walks! Well she is Latina decedent apparently.

David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling to pieces) feat. Sia - New Single

Nelly Furtado - Parking Lot - New Single - Now I'm not the only one thinking the same, but as soon as she opened her month, the way of singing reminded me of M.I.A..

Rye Rye - Dance

Cher Lloyd - Oath feat. Becky G. - New Single

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  1. não conhecia a musica da Christina! nice <3

  2. ADORO ADORO ADORO a mova música da Christina Aguilera, é viciante! Gostei do video da Cher, agora a música não sei bem ;)

    Beijinho *

  3. Agree about Nelly Furtado. But unfortunately I couldn't open Christina's video!


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