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 EN: Hello everyone there is not much to say about this week, so I will take this opportunity to give you a warning. As you know my Blog is affiliated to 3 shops - you can see them on the right side bar - Caxuxa, Pó de Arroz and The Original Skin. My problems and concerns lie on the shop Pó de Arroz
I've been partners with them for a few month and by the end of the August I decided to do my first purchase with them, I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff but I decided to just select 2 and see how things went... So I selected a bracelet and a ring, did the payment a few days later and they confirmed to me on the same day that they received the money. Okay, cool, fine. Now I know that with National orders we have to wait from 10 to 30 days, it has been 1 month and 2 weeks and still nothing...on my file it says "In process". I have tried to contact the shop now 3 times to get an answer in what is going on? Are they on vacation? Are they having problems with their personal lives? Are they waiting for the items? 
During this week I started noticing other girls complaining about the same situation on their Official Facebook Page. This is not good! Now like I said to another dear fellow Blogger of mine, I might not be the biggest Blogger out there but I don't have to subject myself to this, it's not like I'm earning any money with this, this is "bad publicity" for me and my Blog. And I don't want that
So from today I consider my partnership with Pó de Arroz suspended! And the Banner of the shop will be removed and it will continue like that till the day I can receive an answer from the shop in what the hell happened to the items that I payed for. 
I'm very sorry to any inconvenient that you might have had. If there is anyone that is having the same problem, please share there stories in the comment section below.
Have a good weekend!

PT: Olá a todos, não há muito a dizer sobre a minha semana por isso decidi fazer-vos um aviso! Como devem saber o meu Blog está afiliado a três lojas - podem ver na barra da direita - Caxuxa, Pó de Arroz e The Original Skin. Os meus problemas e preocupações são sobre a loja Pó de Arroz.
A minha parceria com a loja já tem alguns mesinhos e no final de Agosto decidi fazer a minha primeira encomenda, eu até queria comprar uma data de coisas mas como eu nunca confio nestas cenas de compras online+correios, decide só escolher duas coisas, uma pulseira e um anel. Fiz o pagamento alguns dias depois e no mesmo dia confirmaram que receberam o pagamento. Okei, fixe, bacano. Agora eu sei que com as encomendas Nacionais devemos esperar entre 10 a 30 dias, já passou 1 mês e 2 semanas e ainda nada. Na minha ficha diz "Em processamento". Eu já tentei entrar em contacto com a loja 3 vezes para receber uma resposta do que se passa. Mas o pessoal está de férias? Problemas nas vidas pessoais? Será que estão à espera dos itens? 
Durante esta semana comecei a notar outras meninas a queixarem-se do mesmo problema na página Oficial do Facebook deles. Isto não é bom! Agora como eu disse a outra Blogger com quem já conversei sobre o assunto, eu posso não ser uma grande Blogger, mas não me vou rebaixar para manter uma parceria só porque sim, eu não ganho nada com isto e para além do mais isto é má publicidade para mim e para o Blog. E eu não quero isso
Por isso a partir de hoje a minha parceria com a loja Pó de Arroz ficará suspensa! E o Banner da loja será retirado e continuará assim até ao dia que me derem uma resposta o que é que aconteceu aos itens que eu paguei!
Peço imensas desculpas se tiveram algum inconveniente. Se houver mais alguém que tenham o mesmo problema por favor deixem um comentário em baixo.
Bom fim de semana!

Lana Del Rey - Ride - New Single - So Miss Del Rey a few months ago on UK Vogue magazine she says that she wouldn't be releasing any more albums, she doesn't know what else to write about, she already said all she needed to say... ssooooo what's this then? I smell a marketing expert! XD
Lana will release a new album, well sort of, it will includes the songs of the first album "Born to die" plus a few new songs including "Ride" and "Blue Velvet" among others. I really enjoy this song! OH P.S.: the video is freaking long.

Frank Ocean - Pyramids - New Single - WARNING! This video has some clear nudity! Other than that at the end of the video yes that's John Mayer playing the guitar. Oh yeah there seams to a Playstation tune in the video as well.

Kylie Minogue - Flower - New Single - People that have short music knowledge have nothing else better to do than say that this video of Kylie is like Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans" videoI guess just because the video is black and white, she is in the water and has flowers on her head -_- weeell let me tell you that, I think that more than a decade ago Kylie Minogue did a song+video with Nick Cave called "Where the wild roses grow" in the video Kylie is "techinically" dead and she is in the water  now she might not have flowers on her head but the guy put a rose in her mouth, she might not have a crocodile like Lana but she has a snake between her legs. HUNF! LAWYERED! (This is what happened when you watch HIMYM - Lawyered - Thank you Marshall.)

Tyler James - Single Tear - New Single - The story of Tyler in a very short format is like this. He has been in the music business for a while he has some single from the early 2000's but I guess he didn't have much success, somewhere along his life he used to be friends with singer Amy Winehouse... This year in the U.K. was the first cycle of The Voice and Tyler decided to enter the competition and he ended up at Will.I.AM's team. Now he didn't win, but he surely still benefited out of it.

Pink - Try - New Single - Now I'm not being a hater.... but this type of dancing videos reminds me of Shakira with "Did It Again" or even before that Kate Bush with one of my ultimate favourite song "Running Up That Hill". But never the less I like the song.

Labrinth feat Emeli Sandé - Beneath your Beautiful - New Single 

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found on Google.


  1. Fazes bem em referir este tipo de situações no blog, para que não possa cair mais pessoal nesse tipo de coisas! Obrigado pela partilha!

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